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TelVue Introduces B1000 HyperCasterTM IP Broadcast Server for Easy, Low Cost Launching of Digital TV Channels
Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TelVue Introduces B1000 HyperCasterTM IP Broadcast Server for Easy, Low Cost Launching of Digital TV Channels

Enables Local Origination, Leased Access, PEG channels, Longform Advertising

Integrates seamlessly with TelVue ConnectTM Service for Industry’s First Cloud-Based Broadcast Channel Management System

September 27, 2011 - (Mount Laurel, NJ) - TelVue Corporation (OTCQB: TEVE), a leader in IP Television Broadcasting, today announced the introduction of its B1000 HyperCasterTM IP Broadcast Server which provides cable operators a hassle-free, low-cost way to launch high quality, professional grade, 24×7 digital television channels within minutes of un-packing. Hardware savings of up to 75% can be achieved through the elimination of real-time encoders and legacy baseband play-out systems. The B1000 HyperCaster provides IP origination for up to 20 independent digital broadcast channels supporting local origination (LO), leased access (LA), PEG channels and longform advertising.

When the B1000 HyperCasterTM is used in conjunction with the TelVue ConnectTM cloud-based Broadcast Content Management System, cable operators can achieve dramatic workflow improvement and labor cost reductions of 60% to 80% in typical LO/LA operations.

The B1000 HyperCasterTM supports CableLabs® MPEG-2 Transport with both MPEG-2 and H.264 encoded video files in standard or high definition formats, including ATSC. The HyperCaster’s native IP over Gigabit Ethernet interface easily integrates with copper or fiber IP network architectures. The B1000 is a compact 1 RU server with dual power supplies and a high reliability solid state hard drive for the operating system and high capacity SATA2 RAID for content storage.

“Current LO/LA workflow incorporates a patchwork of legacy analog playout servers and equipment that don’t fit in the modern digital headend and require per-channel real-time encoders,” said Jesse Lerman, TelVue President and CEO. “The problem is compounded when multiple programming contributors are submitting different media types and video formats making LO/LA channels a huge challenge to manage and schedule. All this complexity has led the industry to regard LO/LA as a burden while subscribers are demanding more local content. By deploying the TelVue HyperCasterTM with TelVue ConnectTM, LO/LA channels can now be a significant revenue opportunity as well as a competitive differentiator.”

In addition to the full suite of scheduling and content management, capabilities of the new B1000 HyperCasterTM include:

High Channel Densities. Originate 1 to 20 channels in SD or HD formats, fully supporting both MPEG- 2 and H.264 networks all with a server occupying a single rack space.

IP Capture enables simultaneous broadcast of live streams and IP-to-file capture for archival and re- broadcast.

New MPEG Transport processing allow the HyperCasterTM to interoperate seamlessly with modern Digital Ad-Insertion and EBIF-based Interactive TV applications.

TelVue ConnectTM

Believed to be a first in broadcasting, TelVue ConnectTM allows operators to avoid the cost and time investment in dedicated facilities and equipment for on-premise media drop-off and encoding and outsource the entire process to the cloud. TelVue ConnectTM uses the cloud to handle large media file uploads, transcoding, content management, content delivery to destination networks and channel scheduling. In the TelVue ConnectTM cloud, content is automatically converted to the proper format and delivered to the operator’s broadcast server. The B1000 HyperCaster’s full integration with TelVue ConnectTM means that the operator can schedule LO/LA contributor series into pre-assigned time slots using flexible rules and recurring patterns such as “once a week at 8PM”. This allows contributors to self-manage their episodes within a series, effectively distributing the channel scheduling task amongst the contributors. Additional benefits include:

  • New revenue stream potential through the partitioning and assignment of channels for different content formats, such as long-form and advertiser supported local event broadcasts.

  • Profit margin enhancement with very low-cost workflows, to convert LO/LA to a profit center.

    About TelVue Corporation

    TelVue Corporation is a broadcast technology innovator and leader in high quality, cost-effective hyperlocal and community television broadcast delivery. Core markets include: Pro Broadcast, Cable, Telco, College Broadcast and University Television, K-12, PEG, and Government. TelVue’s professional quality equipment and services, including digital broadcast servers, live Internet streaming, IP video on demand (VOD) services, and web-based digital signage, enable our customers to dramatically improve and enhance their cable and web- based broadcast capabilities, reduce costs, and be better positioned to meet the new challenges of a rapidly evolving media landscape. For more information on TelVue, please visit 

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