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What was Manfrotto doing in Venice...?
Posted on Monday, October 17, 2011
What was Manfrotto doing in Venice...?

The Venice Film Festival was the second milestone of the Manfrotto Imagine More Roadshow.

After the official launch from Manhattan’s skies in May, thanks to the net and the word of mouth of our most precious supporters – you, the Imagine More promise started spreading all over the world and collecting thousands and thousands of spontaneous submissions.

All this finally landed at one of the world most iconic event for all imagination enthusiasts: the 68. International Venice Film Festival.

In Venice, during an official event, Manfrotto released the “Imagine More Manifesto”, as the outcome of the reworking by director, photographer and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Bill Frakes of the tweets and pics posted by online users within the international Imagine More Contest.

Being made by the direct contribution of Internet users, the film appears as the first user-generated short devoted to imagination.

The 12 winners, chosen for their originality and creativity among more than 12.000 interpretations of the imagination concept, were representative of seven different countries (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, China and Hong Kong).

They were the true protagonist of the whole Venice experience, and for several reasons.

Not only their contributions were the pillars of the movie and not only they were awarded with a special edition of the Manfrotto Messenger Unica bag and Manfrotto compact tripod, but they had also the chance to personally meet celebrities like Bill Frakes and the Italian actress Violante Placido, beautiful godmother of the initiative since the NY launch.

In addition, Manfrotto had also provided them a special pass allowing the entrance to the official photographers’ area: this way, they had the privilege of capturing world celebrities walking on the red carpet next to the Festival’s official photographers!

Then, soon after the awarding ceremony, winners were admitted to the preview of one of the screenings in competition together with Bill Frakes, Violante Placido and Manfrotto top management.

Last but not least, to make the experience even more unforgettable, they were staying at one of the most elegant hotel of the Laguna: the Danieli Hotel, few steps from the beautiful San Marco’s square.


Here some comments left on our Facebook page by some of the protagonists of this experience:

Jana Benjamin Navrátilová So proud to be a part of this!

Marion Ruszniewski Yeah thank you so much, the film is really great and the music too, good job ! and I’m proud to be part of this too !

Kevin Thornhill Amazing work by Bill and his team. Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of the event.

Ilaria La Preziosa I’m proud to have participated, i would like to thank all Manfrotto people and Bill Frakes, you are great persons! It has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience! I’m using your tripod…it is great!

Thomas Reimann Wonderful to see what Bill Frakes has made with our contributions! It has been a great debut the evening in Venice! Thanks again for this!


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