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Manfrotto Dado
Posted on Monday, August 15, 2011

Dado is the universal junction that connects every kind of device from monitors to cameras, and from lights to supports. Create your own professional set up in the most intuitive way.

The universal junction that empowers your creativity.

DADO is a small, versatile and sturdy solution that provides a multiple attachment point for lights, cameras and accessories through a single junction. It perfectly fits the needs of videographers, photographers and hobbyists who want to simplify their equipment and travel as light as possible without giving up their attachments to all their hardware. DADO is a junction made of 18 threaded holes (3/8), 3 tubes with both female 3/8 threadings and male 5/8 attachments. It’s compatible with all the best selling items in the Manfrotto Lighting range. Dado is available in two kits: one with 3 tubes, 3 threaded pins and 1 sphere and the second with 6 tubes, 6 threaded pins and 1 sphere.

• Multiple attachments
• 18 threaded holes on the main sphere
• 3 tubes with both female 3/8 threadings and male 5/8
attachments (6 in the kit version)
• 3 threaded pins (6 in the kit version)
• Simplicity
• Flexibility in positioning and friction control
• Sturdiness
• Compatible with all Manfrotto products

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