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Manfrotto in Scott Highton's Great New Book: Virtual Reality Photography
Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010

Scott Highton, one of the most experienced Quick Time Virtual Reality photographers in the United States, has written a book detailing the many aspects of panoramic and object virtual reality (VR) photography. This great book, Virtual Reality Photography: Creating Panoramic and Object Images, gives tips on both the artistic and technical techniques needed to make great images.

“The book belongs in the hands of every multimedia author and photographer, whether part-time hobbyist or full-time professional, who has an interest in learning the secrets of good virtual reality (VR) photography.”

The book is divided up into four sections and includes illustrations with it’s tips, techniques and instructions:

  • Photography Basics
  • Panoramic VR Imaging
  • Object VR Imaging
  • Business Practices

For more information or to order your copy of the book, go to:

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