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Manfrotto Introduces the Complete Range of Eye Clamps with an Eye on Ergonomics and Performance
Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2010

Always aiming to satisfy the gaffers/riggers needs in terms of performance and ergonomics, Manfrotto introduces the new Eye Clamps Family.

The new Eye clamps are very powerful with a max payload of 440 lbs (200 kg). They are made of two extruded steel parts in order to maximize safe payload and feature a threaded pin with “long run threading” for faster locking of the clamp. The clamps feature the locking mechanism on the horizontal axis, making them easier to operate on the field, and they also have a plain handle with no threaded pins jumping out, making them safer to operate. Also, there is an additional lock washer for enhanced grip and locking power which better distributes strength to avoid overstressing the main body.

The Eye clamps are available in 5 different versions (C261B, C262B, C263B, C264B, C265B) to meet your different needs.
The C261B is the basic version of Eye clamp with an M10-M12 threading.
The C262B includes the basic Eye clamp and a 28mm bushing.
The C263B includes the eye clamp with a wing nut, C264B includes Eye clamp and an Eye nut and finally the C265B including eye clamp and a 28mm spigot.

Main Features

  • Max Payload – 200 kg (440 lbs)
  • Very fast – 3 turns of knob and it’s safely hooked thanks to the “long run” of threading on the pin
  • Additional lock washer enhances grip and locking power
  • Locking mechanism is on the horizontal axis, easier to operate (one hand clamp)
  • No threaded pin jumping out of the handle


261B Eye clamp basic version

C262B Eye clamp with 28mm bushing

C263B  Eye clamp with wing nut

C264B Eye clamp with eye nut

C265B Eye clamp with 28mm spigot



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