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LEIGHTRONIX Shows Innovation with New PEGvault-SD Enhancements
Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LEIGHTRONIX announced today that the PEGvault-SD encoder, known for simplifying digital video recordings with push button operation and automatic digital media file transfers, has been enhanced with real time media indexing and new remote control capabilities.

Media Indexing
This new PEGvault-SD feature allows users to enter reference points within a video, as it is being recorded. Index points can be added to a video in real time, and are later used by online viewers, requesting on-demand playback from PEG Central, the popular LEIGHTRONIX hosted streaming video-on-demand site.

At PEG Central, viewers benefit from the convienence of on-demand, steaming video while gaining a host of features that enhance the viewing experience, including folders, keyword search, video Web links, Web links within videos, and index points that link to topics of interest within videos.

Remote Control
The PEGvault-SD has been enhanced with the new ePRO-BUS feature, a device addressable, remote control protocol allowing the encoder to receive commands remotely through a TCP/IP network. Up to 16 PEGvault-SD encoders can be added to a network as far reaching as the Internet for control by a LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS series broadcast video server. Once configured, the NEXUS series server can send scheduled RECORD and STOP commands to one or all of the PEGvault-SD encoders on the network.

The ePRO-BUS feature provides fully unattended recording control for an array of remote recorders that capture remote events then automatically forward the new digital media to their host server for playback. This new functionality is essential in communities where multiple municipalities contribute content, and share time on a single local government access cable channel.

The PEGvault-SD is a popular solution for capturing and digitizing video in a variety of situations, one being local government customers, who record city council meetings for replay on local government access cable channels. The enhancements now come as standard features of the PEGvault-SD, and can be enabled for current UltraNEXUS and UltraNEXUS-SDI users through a free firmware update.

“We are thrilled to offer our PEGvault-SD customers these new features,” said David Leighton, President of LEIGHTRONIX. “It’s truly a unique, innovative product that combines low-cost, performance, and reliability. The new features set the PEGvault-SD apart from complicated and often overpriced PC-based video encoding work stations.”

LEIGHTRONIX is recognized as an industry leader in specialty video equipment design and manufacturing, including digital video solutions, television automation, streaming video-on-demand, and remote equipment control. A model of stability and longevity in the quickly evolving professional video market, LEIGHTRONIX continues to set standards in product value and versatility that exceed customer expectations in both product performance and support. Exceptional product reliability, a standard 5-year warranty, and cost-free technical support have made LEIGHTRONIX one of the most trusted names in the industry. For more information, visit

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