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TV One Ships the New C3-540 Series CORIO®master Video System
Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Now Shipping, The New Way to Build Video Systems
Erlanger, KY , February 1, 2012—As of today, February 1st, TV One begins shipping the new C3-540 Series CORIO®master video system.
The new C3-540 offers a new, more efficient approach to building video systems. Using TV One's latest CORIO®3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic video displays.
TV One's CORIO®3 Technology is a radically new approach to video scaling, incorporating such advanced features as Simultaneous Multiple Image Processing, Real-time, 360° Rotation (independent for all PIPs and outputs) and Image Warping to allow Off-Axis and Curved Screen Projection. These are in addition to all standard features previously present in CORIO®2, such as Any Resolution or Format In or Out, Up/Down/Cross Conversion, Video Wall Processing, Edge Blending, Windowing and Multiviewing. Remarkably, CORIO®3 allows all of these functions to happen simultaneously with a maximum of two frames delay.
The CORIO®master, a 4RU chassis, allows a single product to do the work that was previously done by numerous pieces of equipment, such as routers, seamless switchers, multi-viewers, video wall processors, edge blenders, image rotators and image warpers. This results in less power consumption and brings the environmental standard to a new level for the professional video market. By combining the tasks of many products into a single unit, power consumption can be reduced by as much as 90%.
The C3-540 has 16 Universal AV Module slots available and the CORIOmaster automatically recognizes the modules inserted as either input or output modules. This allows up to 32 I/0's, and since there are no dedicated input or output slots when using 2-Channel DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules, configurations can range from 30x2 to 2x30, and anything in between. This flexibility allows end user configurations to be based on their own needs. Additional DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules can be added later in spare slots without having to reset the unit. The new Universal DVI-U format accommodates DVI, HDMI, RGB, YPbPr, Composite or S-Video. All AV modules are hot swappable and recognized for immediate auto configuration.
The CORIO®master also provides independent Up, Down and Cross conversion for every output between a variety of analog and digital video formats thru 3G-SDI and WUXGA. The modules that are selected determine what format will be accommodated and the matrix size.