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Eliminate HDMI Distance Barriers with TV One's Cat.6 Repeater
Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011
Eliminate HDMI Distance Barriers with TV One's Cat.6 Repeater
Erlanger, KY , November 4, 2011—To eliminate video transmission distance barriers when using HDMI in video system installations, TV One now offers the new 1T-CT-633 HDMI Repeater as part of the 1T-CT-630 Series HDMI Extender Solution.
The 1T-CT-633 Repeater is used to extend the range of the 1T-CT-631A/1T-CT-632 system. The 1T-CT-631A/632 HDMI Extender system can achieve signal distribution distances of up to 38 meters (125 feet) for 1080p signals, 50 meters (165 feet) for 720p/1080i signals and 60 meters (195 feet) for 480p signals. However, with the new 1T-CT-633 Repeater those distances can be doubled. The typical distance for the 1T-CT-633 Repeater is 76 meters (250 feet) when operating in the 8 Bit (1080p) mode and 30 meters (98 feet) when operating in the 12 Bit (1080P) mode. Also, as long as the maximum allowable Cat.6 or HDMI cable length is not exceeded you can cascade repeaters beyond the distance provided by just one repeater.
The 1T-CT-631A, 1T-CT-632 and 1T-CT-633, which make up the 1T-CT-630 Series HDMI Extender Solution, constitute a system used to transmit deep color (12 bits) v1.3 HDMI or DVI-D signals at resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p, plus transmission of embedded lossless audio, over one Cat.6 cable. These three products also feature the unique TV One-task locking power connectors to enhance overall system mechanical security.
The 1T-CT-633 Repeater has a Manufacturer's recommended Retail Price of $165.00. Please contact TV One for a demonstration.