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tvONE Introduces a New Generation of Universal Scalers
Posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2014
tvONE Introduces a New Generation of Universal Scalers
Erlanger, KY , May 20, 2014— tvONE (, a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment announced today several new products and programs. With the January 2014 launch of its newest universal video scaler, tvONE ushered in a new generation of efficiency and value for all of its future products. The C2-2855 Universal Scaler has been very well received by systems integrators worldwide, and now with InfoComm only weeks away the company has announced several related initiatives: 1) two additional models will be added to the product line based on the same topology; and 2) reseller programs have been designed to provide additional value for loyal tvONE dealers.

When asked about tvONE’s new tactile user interface and software designs, Andy Fliss, tvONE’s Director of Marketing said, “Our R&D team flawlessly succeeded in delivering on our customers’ needs. Our new C2-2000 product line diminishes installation time and shortens learning curves, and that’s where integrators find success today.” The new product series features new, ergonomically designed control panels and highly intuitive configuration management tools making installation efficient for integrators and operation simple for users.

Not only has the company created a new line of highly versatile scaler solutions, but they have accomplished it while maintaining the price points of previous solutions in this category. The C2-2855, C2-2755 and C2-2655 replace comparable models which will be phase out over the next 12 months. InfoComm promises to bring heightened interest in tvONE solutions. Video Processing and scaling have reached new levels of versatility making the product offering more competitive and desirable than ever before.
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