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BackChannelMedia and TelVue Showcase End-to-End Interactive Multichannel Infomercial System At CableLabs® Summer Conference
Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 2010

 BackChannelMedia and TelVue Showcase End-to-End Interactive Multichannel Infomercial System At CableLabs® Summer Conference Demonstration Leverages Emerging EBIFTM Platform And Integrates Technology From BigBand Networks, FourthWall Media, and Revenue Frontier

August 17, 2010 - (Summit, NJ and Mount Laurel, NJ) - BackChannelMedia, an interactive television solution provider and TelVue, maker of the HyperCaster multichannel IP line of digital broadcast servers - this week demonstrated an end-to-end Interactive Multichannel Infomercial system. The system provides operators with a suite of products for managing and deploying infomercial channels that leverage the emerging Enhanced Binary Interchange Format (EBIFTM) platform and allow consumers to click once with their existing remote control to learn more about a product. The demonstration is taking place this week at the CableLabs® Summer Conference in Keystone, CO, a bi-annual meeting of CableLabs MSO members.


“We are very excited to add TelVue, a well-respected cable equipment vendor, to the list of vendors whose technology is fully interoperable with Clickable TV,” said BackChannelMedia’s CTO Madeleine Noland. “Direct response commercials are a natural fit for our unique electronic fulfillment based ‘Request For Information’ application. Now consumers don't have to remember they were interested in the product or write down a phone number. One click of the remote, and they get the reminder and product info sent to their Web portal or email.”

“Through integration of BackChannelMedia’s Clickable TV, the HyperCaster can serve infomercials from regional facilities with interactive television features,” said Mark Myslinski, TelVue’s Senior Systems Engineer, “Now today’s operators and content suppliers can have a means to solicit viewer interest directly from the television and increase the ROI of existing and new local origination channels.”


BigBand Networks’ BMR, FourthWall Media’s EBIF user agent, Cisco set-top boxes and Revenue Frontier’s infomercial content work together in the demonstration with BackChannelMedia and TelVue technology to deliver interactive infomercials to consumers. BackChannelMedia and TelVue have a common goal: Demonstrate that deployment of advanced interactive television services is possible today, utilizing existing commonly deployed industry standard cable infrastructure and technology, from the head end level to the set-top box in the viewer’s home.


BackChannelMedia Contact: Eric Martin Vice President, Marketing Backchannelmedia, Inc. 86 Summit Ave, 4th Floor Summit, NJ 07901 (908) 608-4798 ext. 217 emartin@backchannelmedia.comAbout BackChannelMedia


BackChannelMedia, Inc. ( was founded in 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts and in 2009 expanded to Summit, New Jersey. BackChannelMedia has developed Clickable TV, a technology that allows the viewer to forward or "bookmark" their interests from TV to the Internet. BackChannelMedia's patent pending technology can be deployed in consumer electronics equipment, TV sets, over the air digital broadcast receivers, and in cable, satellite and telco networks. BackChannelMedia will be deploying the technology at Knology Communications this September. BackChannelMedia has also reached agreements to deploy in over 80 local television stations.


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TelVue Corporation is a broadcast technology innovator and leader in high quality, cost-effective hyperlocal and community television broadcast delivery. Core markets include: Pro Broadcast, Cable, Telco, College Broadcast and University Television, K-12, PEG, and Government. TelVue’s professional quality equipment and services, including digital broadcast server, live Internet streaming, IP video on demand (VOD) services, and web-based digital signage enable our customers to dramatically improve and enhance their cable and web-based broadcast capabilities, reduce costs, and be better positioned to meet the new challenges of a rapidly evolving media landscape. For more information on TelVue, please visit


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