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TriCaster® 2 Elite at the heart of IBC's 5G Remote Production Accelerator Program
Posted on Friday, March 12, 2021
TriCaster® 2 Elite at the heart of IBC's 5G Remote Production Accelerator Program

March 12, 2021 - When people think about the new fifth generation 5G mobile wireless network, most think about faster data on their phones. But there is a business aspect of 5G using Non-Public Networks (NPN) that is far more robust, goes beyond smartphones, and is potentially game-changing for broadcasters.

With IBC 2020 reduced to online-only presentations, the IBC's Accelerator Program switched rapidly to address challenges broadcasters face today with not only adopting and understanding 5G networks, but also the ongoing pandemic and the digital transformation of content in general.

"The Accelerator programme was a framework put together by the IBC to facilitate innovation and in particular collaboration between broadcasters, studios and other content providers," said Mark Smith, leading the programme at IBC. "There are many challenges affecting the sector–transformation to IP for production workflows, disruptive technologies like AI, or new distribution networks that are coming online like 5G and others."

The IBC formed a consortium of ‘champions' made up of ten broadcasters plus six technology providers including NewTek. The deliverable was a live, online broadcast featuring content originating from the RAI Amsterdam, IBC's office in London, a boat on an Amsterdam canal, shoreside outside Viacom's Amsterdam studio HQ, and aerial drone shots all via 5G. All signals were sent to London through various means where a TriCaster® 2 Elite production system ingested and switched all incoming signals into a live presentation to online viewers tuning into IBC Showcase 2020. There would be no rehearsals.

The live transmission on September 10, 2020 included a panel discussion from London and the 5G-enabled shoot controlled by AI cameras from the boat on the canal featuring musical artist Emma Heesters. Links between the boat and shore included a view of equipment configurations behind the scenes, plus a live link to a discussion at the RAI.

by Scott Carroll

Model: TriCaster 2 Elite
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