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NewTek Advanced IP Redefines Live Production Workflow
Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2015
NewTek Advanced IP Redefines Live Production Workflow --Advanced IP Workflow capabilities available in TriCaster in Q4--

AMSTERDAM, IBC Stand 7.K11, September 10, 2015--At IBC 2015, NewTek™ will demonstrate NewTek Advanced IP Workflow, a visionary and groundbreaking new live production paradigm that provides broadcast stations and networks, studio facilities and video production departments in any company an immediate gateway to the IP future. This development builds upon NewTek's deep experience with computer/IP-based technology already deployed in tens of thousands live production systems. NewTek Advanced IP Workflow allows production switchers to communicate with cameras and other video sources connected on a network, assign any of them as inputs, and deliver multi-channel, high quality, frame-accurate video encoded in real-time, all over standard Ethernet networks. This makes it possible to exponentially increase the number of sources available for live production switching, without directly attaching to devices, changing locations, or investing in expensive, high-bandwidth networks that simply replace SDI-based workflows.

"This is a rare watershed moment in our industry when everything shifts and pivots in fundamental ways that change it forever," said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and chief technology officer for NewTek. "NewTek Advanced IP Workflow is infinitely more than a replacement for traditional SDI workflow. It works with existing SDI cameras, yet does not require heavy investment in SDI-sized Ethernet bandwidth or separate control systems. Bi-directional sharing of devices using IP across an existing network in a live production environment gives producers truly game-changing benefits."

Exponential Production
NewTek Advanced IP Workflow does far more than just connect video sources on a LAN to the production switcher. It creates an exponential IP video matrix wherein each switcher recognizes all video sources connected to other production switchers, replay systems, graphics systems and more on the LAN as IP sources - and vice versa. Any device can use another's connected inputs (and outputs) across the network, enabling multiple systems to scale the number of inputs and output resources.

All connected sources are automatically recognized and ready for switching live over IP on any other system. No specialized routing hardware or grid management software is required. The system encodes video over IP for frame-accurate, low-latency switching-unprecedented in its efficiency and incomparable in its picture quality over standard networks.

Network Device Interface (NDI) Protocol
Central to NewTek Advanced IP Workflow is the Network Device Interface (NDI), an open IP protocol standard announced earlier this week. NDI allows any enabled device on a standard Ethernet connection to be recognized as a video source or destination as part of an IP production workflow. NDI will work automatically on NewTek products and devices from top industry manufacturers already working with NewTek IP workflows. A free software development kit (SDK) will be available for download in Q4 so anyone will be able to share media to and from their production devices.

TriCaster Advanced Edition will bring Advanced IP Workflow to current TriCasters
NewTek Advanced IP Workflow will make its initial debut in a new version of TriCaster Advanced Edition. This software upgrade is available to any current pro-line TriCaster model including the TriCaster Mini, and will give those TriCasters Advanced IP Workflow capabilities allowing for an additional four inputs - cameras or any supported video source on a LAN. Users can have all source inputs be IP-based if they choose or mix IP sources with local SDI sources. The updated version of TriCaster Advanced Edition software will launch in the fourth quarter of 2015. It will be offered as a free upgrade to any current TriCaster Advanced Edition customer.   

Advanced IP Workflow: Game Changing Benefits
Unlike expensive, dual-10Gbps Ethernet networks typical of emerging IP workflows, a standard GigE LAN infrastructure can accommodate NewTek's efficient, multi-source live IP video switching. NewTek's experience and expertise in developing IT-based multi-camera production systems provides far-reaching and immediate benefits. Not only does it drastically reduce initial network infrastructure investment, NewTek Advanced IP Workflow can also:
  • Deliver 10x increase in capacity of video signals in an IP infrastructure vs. SDI
  • Natively encode video of any resolution or format with pristine quality virtually indiscernible from the signal viewed directly from the camera
  • Enable low-latency, multi-channel frame-accurate video streams, with or without alpha channel, with no buffering
  • Simplify IT configuration, relieve MIS burden, avoid common IP config issues
  • Minimize network component costs
  • Eliminate logistical problem-solving and physical limitations by making a source in one location usable in a production elsewhere
  • Eliminate concerns about the limited number of physical inputs on a switcher when an additional live video source is needed-just find a network connection on the LAN to plug it into
  • Raise the ceiling for video source proliferation
  • Demolish constraints caused by distance, walls and miles of coax

"The biggest opportunities for IP live production won't be found in equipment replacement that just makes the same workflows more complicated," continued Dr. Cross. "It will be in removing barriers to existing equipment: putting video sources at your fingertips, accessing them instantly and switching them live-from across the facility, or anywhere on the network."

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