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Marshall Partners with CyanView to Expand its Camera Capabilities
Posted on Friday, February 26, 2021
Marshall Partners with CyanView to Expand its Camera Capabilities

Cy-Stem Universal Camera Control System Provides Solutions to Shade and Match With Advanced Color Shading Control

Feb. 26, 2021 - Marshall Electronics, a leading manufacturer of industry leading broadcast and proAV cameras and equipment, has collaborated with CyanView, designer and manufacturer of premiere universal camera control systems, to ensure that select Marshall cameras are compatible with its RCP control panel. This cooperation brings advanced color shading control to several Marshall cameras, as CyanView's RCP supports Marshall Electronics Miniature HD Cameras (CV503, CV506, CV344, CV346, CV380, CV502), Zoom Block cameras (CV355, CV350) and its Lipstick cameras (CV226, CV225).

"Marshall grew up in the broadcast industry and we've been designing equipment for video engineers for over 40 years," says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras at Marshall Electronics. "One of the key features of any camera used in a production workflow is to be able to remote paint and match cameras from the control room. We decided early on that all of our POV cameras had to have this ability and they needed to get integrated into as many third-party RCP and CCU decks as possible. The bottom line is making the customer's job easier and that is what we have done with this collaboration."

CyanView's Cy-Stem universal camera control system is designed to address a wide range of applications where advanced camera control can help deliver new creative opportunities. It is highly cost-effective and provides unique versatility and flexibility, enabling extensive creativity, accuracy, and quality. The IP-based Cy-Stem range comprises a universal RCP control panel (Cy-RCP), giving control of an unlimited number of cameras along with a series of small hardware modules that address four key areas in broadcast production: control and matching of mini and specialty cameras on sports events, reality TV and game shows; wireless or remote production with ENG and small camcorders; integration via the RCP of color correctors with advanced processing for camera matching; and digital cinema cameras for live recording such as concerts or game shows.

One of the features of the Cy-Stem system that Marshall users will find particularly helpful is the color corrector synchronization. When color correctors are added for extra flexibility, two different sources of control become necessary. Cyanview's RCP seamlessly merges both the camera control and the color corrector channels as a single full feature camera.

"We are excited about this partnership with Marshall Electronics," says David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView. "Our goal in this collaboration is to showcase how Marshall cameras interact with our system and what added value it provides the end user. With Marshall integrating with our systems, it opens a lot of new usage like remote production. Users no longer have to tinker themselves to put all the solutions together. We are now offering a collective offering that is plug-and-play."


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