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Advanced 10-bit VAC-23SHU3 Plug-and-play Adapter Takes Live Streaming and Professional AV Workflows to the Next Level
Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Advanced 10-bit VAC-23SHU3 Plug-and-play Adapter Takes Live Streaming and Professional AV Workflows to the Next Level

August 19, 2020 - As the world continues to adjust to changing work environments, Marshall Electronics is meeting the increased global demand for remote streaming and collaboration by enhancing the 3GSDI/HDMI to USB 3.0 converter product category. The VAC-23SHU3 USB 3.0 adapter enables any HDMI or 3G/HD-SDI video and audio source to be ingested into a computer for live streaming, video conference, collaboration, video production, and recording. These converters are simple to use and offer a plug-and-play setup that seamlessly integrates professional video sources to the user’s choice of PC-based soft codecs and applications.

The industries that we service are adapting to a new normal," says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras at Marshall Electronics. "The VAC-23SHU3 converters couldn’t be easier to setup; they become fully functional within seconds of connection. Essentially, you plug your camera into this adapter, then plug it into your computer via USB, and the computer immediately recognizes the capture device.

Users can select either an HDMI or 3G/HD-SDI video source with the flip of a switch.

Active HDMI/3G-SDI (BNC) loop-through outputs keep sources available for other purposes, such as feeding monitors, switchers, recorders, etc. UVC protocol support allows the application to control the video format, resolution, frame rates, and other settings independent of the original source format.

"The industry needs to be able to bring proper video content to the customer and in today’s environment, a camera and wireless system plus the conversion to USB is critically important," says Alex Kirst, General Manager at Vision2See, supplier of professional video equipment for live and post production. "Marshall’s VAC-23SHU3 advanced USB 3.0 converter is very easy to use and a really valuable piece of equipment. The VAC-23SHU3 requires no IT expertise and is truly a great plug-and-play device especially for mobile applications."

The VAC-23SHU3 features a rugged and compact design for enhanced portability with power provided through the USB 3.0 output.

Powered by the USB port on the host computer, there are no power adapters, which is especially helpful for mobile applications.

"Europe was hit hard and fast by the pandemic, heralding a new ‘work from home’ and ‘remote collaboration’ culture, triggering many to look for new ways to connect," says Spencer Doran, Director, MarCam Europe. "The VAC-23SHU3 from Marshall allows professional video equipment to interface with computers using USB 3.0. In doing so, high-quality cameras can be used for Zoom, Skype, and WebEx calls, or for live streaming to Facebook or YouTube. We’ve worked with new integrators, as well as the traditional AV and broadcast markets, and all have been impressed with its plug-and-play setup, professional HDMI and 3G-SDI connectivity, and have realized the products’ use beyond our current pandemic."

Model: VAC-23SHU3
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