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MUST SEE NAB: Innovative New Products From Marshall Electronics
Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2016
MUST SEE NAB: Innovative New Products From Marshall Electronics

Stop by Marshall Electronics booth #C7439, and experience our latest and greatest new products.

We offer innovative new products for virtually every target market represented at NAB! 

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NEW! CV502-WPMB - Mini Weatherproof HD Camera

The brand-new CV502-WPMB is built around the same user friendly features of the wildly popular CV500/502 mini cameras, made famous for professional broadcast quality, ease-of-use, flexibility, and adaptability. Capturing 59.94/50/29.97/25 fps in 1080i, 1080p & 720p with full sized BNC (3G/HD-SDI) outputs and RCP control in a tiny weatherproof IP67 enclosure makes it a perfect match with outdoor sporting events where weather is a factor.

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NEW! CV565-MGB & CV365-CGB - Genlock HD Cameras

Two new Genlock Cameras releasing at NAB, CV502-MGB Mini & CV365-CGB Compact Genlock HD Cameras deliver same crisp, clear HD video up to 59.94/50/29.97/25 fps in 1080p, 1080i and 720p with ability to Sync HD signals at the camera level.  Accepts any Tri-Level Sync signal used to Genlock HD video signals at 1920x1080p as well as 1920x1080i and 1280x720p to remove the need for extra frame sync equipment.

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Admiral Video's PYLON CAM

The Pylon Camera System was conceived by Paul Halsey at Admiral Video to give fans, officials, coaches, and players the ultimate endzone and sideline Point-of-View. Reliability, flexibility, and player safety were at the top of Admiral's development strategy. Using their Fiber Optic POV Camera System, Admiral Video deployed 8 Pylon Cams at Super Bowl 50 as well as the NCAA College Football playoffs this year.

Each Pylon FiOP Camera System utilizes 2-3 CV500/502 Miniature Broadcast Cameras.

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NEW! V-R173-DLW Full-Featured Engineering Monitor & Digital Analytics Workstation

The new 17"  V-R173-DLW Engineering Monitor features 3G, Dual Link and DVI inputs to display an array of digital analytics, including multi-mode, waveform & vectorscope, digital audio status, closed-caption decoding and IMD (in-monitor display).

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The Trainer Cam System delivers an unparalleled POV experience to viewers by placing them directly in the ring. Each pair of Trainer Cams is fitted with a custom designed, 3-D printed harness to hold the CV200-MB HD Lipstick Camera that is both lightweight and durable enough for extended use in the ring.

Each Trainer Cam utilizes one CV200-MB HD Lipstick Camera.

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NEW! VS-PTH-600 IPTV Pan-Tilt Camera Enclosure

The brand-new VS-PTH-600 IPTV Pan-Tilt Camera Enclosure utilizes a proprietary direct-drive design, housed in a rugged, durable enclosure. 

Features Optical-coated glass with an intelligent multi-mode wiper, cooling fan, heater/demister, temperature data and control over IP. The enclosure includes multiple 1/4-20 mounting points for microphones, lighting accessories and confidence monitors.

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