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Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011
The newborn 290 series from Manfrotto is comprised of a range of strong, stable and versatile tripods, giving improving hobbyist photographers the essential quality and tools they need for a stable and more enjoyable shooting experience.

The removable heads of the 290 series offer flexibility, whilst the large tubes and the new top casting made with high quality aluminum guarantees light weight and robustness for a long-lasting support solution. The 290 series’ light weight makes it ideal for travelling, whilst technical solutions make it flexible for general use, including portrait, landscape, macro, wildlife and sport.

The intuitive 290 range offers ergonomic controls that are designed for a safer, more enjoyable shooting experience and ensure maximum precision. The professional grade aluminum leg locks provide a rock-solid support and with their innovative adjustability they afford a consistent and excellent performance, whilst the screw column lock on the column provides better tightening. Furthermore, the anti-shock collar protects your camera from accidental impact, whilst the 3 faced design column prevents rotation to allow for increased accuracy and steadfastness.
• Interchangeable heads
• Professional grade adjustable aluminum leg locks
• Special anti-shock collar
• Innovative 3 faced design column
• Large tubes and the new top casting made with high quality aluminum
• Versatility and upgradeability
• Intuitive, easy and safe ergonomic controls
• Highly durable and lightweight aluminum construction
• High Performance (stable and precise)
• Professional features
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