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Manfrotto Crossover 504HD Video Contest Winners Announced
Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2010
Manfrotto Crossover 504HD Video Contest Winners Announced
07/31/2010 — 

Imagine winning a dream all expenses holiday to Venice, the city of bridges, with a top film festival thrown in for good measure!

Well that’s the reality for the three lucky winners of the Manfrotto 504HD CrossOver Contest.

The contest challenged people to submit a short film online to the Gallery page on the website with bridges providing the source of inspiration.

The CrossOver Video Contest’s three winners were picked based on these categories: highest number of votes; special jury selection and random drawing.

Running just over 3 months the contest certainly inspired some wonderful short films but ultimately there could be only three winners:

1) Most Votes by Users
Video Title: Bridging The Gap
Name: Tylor Norwood
Country: United States
View winning short film.

2) Jury Award (most votes by Jury)
Video Title: I Want the Bridge
Name: Caleb Mixon
Country: United States
View winning short film.

3) Random Drawing
Video Title: DARTH3
Name: Aman Singh
Country: United Kingdom
View winning short film.

All three films were evidently inspired by the crossing over theme with Tylor Norwood’s fast paced, lively short interlacing shots of bridges, arches, piers, flyovers and other aquatic links with close-ups of his own Manfrotto ‘bridge’. A perfect CrossOver combination!

This was certainly a contest that required creativity and passion but the prize was more than a match for the effort required!

The three winners will now spend three days surrounded by the soft colors of fall in Italy in this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Venice and its 67th International Film Festival. And while there they will also get to meet award-winning film makers and watch one of 2010’s critically acclaimed movies!

Bridge your ambitions with challenges. Bridge your images with something you never imagined.

With 504HD you can!


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