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Lectrosonics Introduces the Venue 2 Six-Channel Modular Receiver Featuring IQ Filtering™ and Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology
Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2015
Lectrosonics Introduces the Venue 2  Six-Channel Modular Receiver Featuring IQ Filtering™ and Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology

Rio Rancho, NM (October 15,  2015) -- Lectrosonics is pleased to introduce the Venue 2  Digital Hybrid Wireless® modular receiver, a next-generation solution designed to address the challenges of increasingly congested RF environments. Venue 2 tunes across a wide 220 MHz range, houses up to six receiver modules, each covering 75 MHz, and employs new IQ™ dynamic tracking filters that offer exceptional rejection of out-of-band RF energy and enable very tight channel spacing.


Up to six VRT2 modules may be installed in the 1RU Venue 2 receiver frame. Each module supports up to 3072 tunable frequencies across a 75 MHz range (three standard Lectrosonics blocks), matching the tuning ranges of SSM, LT and LMb "large bandwidth" transmitters. VRT2 modules incorporate Lectrosonics’ new IQ dynamic tracking filters, which accommodate a wide range of transmitter RF power levels while also enabling extremely tight channel spacing—critical features as the available RF spectrum continues to shrink.


The receiver modules can be operated independently, each with switched diversity reception for a total of six audio channels, or operated in pairs for more robust diversity reception with one audio channel per module pair. Combinations can be mixed and matched within one frame. Receiver modules are easy to change, with no tools required, and may be installed in any position, except when paired for ratio diversity reception. The VRT2 modules are offered in four different frequency ranges for worldwide use: A1, covering blocks 470, 19 and 20 (470.100 - 537.575 MHz), B1, covering blocks 21, 22 and 23, (537.600 - 614.375 MHz), C1, covering blocks 24, 25 and 26 (614.400 - 691.175 MHz) and D1, for export only, covering blocks 27, 28 and 29 (691.200 - 767.975 MHz).


Within the master rack mount and host assembly, the system includes a built-in antenna multicoupler with loop-through output. The multicoupler is a dual 1-in, 7-out splitter with six outputs for the receiver modules and an additional output as a unity gain “loop thru” for another Venue receiver. This allows multiple Venue receivers to operate from a single pair of antennas. Phantom power for remote antenna amplifiers is available from the multicoupler antenna inputs and is selectable in the menu.


A high-resolution front panel display allows for detailed programming and monitoring. Using Lectrosonics’ included Wireless Designer software, the Venue 2 can also be programmed, coordinated and monitored over Ethernet or USB.


Emulation modes allow the Venue 2 to be used with older analog transmitters from Lectrosonics and several other manufacturers.


"Lectrosonics has long worked to provide our clients with products that help them address the challenges presented in their working environments," says Karl Winkler, VP Sales/Service at Lectrosonics. "As a companion to the recently introduced large bandwith L Series and SSM micro transmitters, we are pleased to offer a powerful and flexible new receiver solution with the introduction of the Venue 2."


MSRP for the VRM2 Frame is $3,325, MSRP for the VRT2 modules is $950.  Expected availability for the Venue 2 is Q4, 2015.


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