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Kramer audio-visual experiences power creativity, collaboration, and engagement. From signal management to advanced cloud-based communication, collaboration and control solutions, Kramer technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and makes people feel closer together even when they're far apart.

Model: MC3-2Ri

MC3-2Ri is a high-performance two-port HDBaseT card which is part of the compatible modular matrices multi-signal cards family.
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Is 100% Drag & Drop Possible for Designing Control Systems?
Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Drag. Drop. Driver. Done...
No Coding.

Designing Control Systems Should Be This Easy.
With Kramer Control's Smart Driver Database, It is. 

Kramer Control Smart Driver Database

No need to learn code to understand what a device driver can do. 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Select a device
  2. Drag and drop your commands
  3. Select your parameters
... and that's it!

Save time, hassle and money. Our ever-growing database features 1000s of smart drivers. And it's updated every day. If you don't find the one you need, we'll make it for you for FREE!
What is Kramer Control?
Video: What is Kramer Control?
Kramer Control is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based control & management platform that lets IT and AV managers easily control, monitor and support AV systems, infrastructures and any 3rd-party devices. The platform's distributed architecture and leveraging of existing IP network infrastructures provides scalability and reliability with no single point of failure.
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The SL-240, SL-240C and SL-280, the “Brains” and gateways in a Kramer Control environment, can manage any type of device with any interface, e.g., RS-232, IR, Relay, GPIO, and Ethernet.
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