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Harris Corporation Unveils Next-Generation Broadcast Server, Storage and Editing Platforms
Posted on Monday, April 11, 2011


  • NEXIO AMP® next-generation server boosts on-air reliability and reduces cost per ingest channel
  • NEXIO Farad™ high-performance online storage and Velocity™ 2.5 editing enhances production and news applications
  • NEXIO® 6.0 software introduces new capabilities to improve customer ease of use and enhance workflows


MELBOURNE, FL/LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2011 (NAB Show, Booth N2502) — Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has introduced the next-generation of Harris® NEXIO® server and storage solutions, including the latest NEXIO AMP® advanced media platform and NEXIO Farad™ high-performance online storage. Both are powered by the new NEXIO 6.0 software to improve production and news workflows.

The latest generation of Harris' successful NEXIO AMP platform enhances the ingest density for production applications, provides 1080p (3 Gb/s) format support and improves energy efficiency. Cost per channel is vastly improved, with twice the number of physical ingest channels and a choice of up to four bidirectional HD channels or eight SD-only channels (four in, four out). This makes NEXIO AMP ideally suited for ingest and playout in multichannel broadcast and media operations, and allows customers to balance the right mix of HD and/or SD channels today while providing a simple upgrade path to meet future requirements.

With leading-edge IT technology at its core, NEXIO AMP also is the first broadcast industry server to incorporate a single-link 3 Gb/s-capable I/O card (as opposed to dual-link) and supports all codecs in a single chassis, reducing rack space requirements and enhancing interoperability with Harris 3Gb/s infrastructure and networking equipment. Power consumption is reduced through energy-efficient 2 1/2-inch drives. A new integrated USB recovery drive provides hassle-free system restore and hardware diagnostics for increased on-air reliability.

NEXIO AMP also provides codec independence and system flexibility with seamless back-to-back playout of all supported codecs in any resolution - complete with up/down/cross conversion, aspect ratio conversion and AFD support.

Broadcasters and media production professionals can further increase scale, bandwidth and capacity by adding Harris NEXIO Farad high-performance online storage and Velocity™ 2.5 editing. NEXIO Farad is designed for large-scale ingest, editing and playout for production, sports, news and live events. The initial release of NEXIO Farad boasts 32,000 Mb/s bandwidth and provides 512 TB of usable storage to support the higher bandwidth and storage needs for larger scale production applications. Benefits include:

  • Flexible capacity and bandwidth to scale easily as storage requirements grow
  • High availability to support fail-safe, continuous operations
  • Facilities collaboration allows shared access for fast-turnaround environments while reducing time to air

News and production environments benefit further by adding Velocity 2.5 editing, which delivers expanded codec and file format support (H.264, DNxHD and AVCHD), more I/O options and closed-caption decoding. Optional plug-ins for Harris Invenio® digital asset management and Inscriber(r) G-Flow™ template-based graphics further unify the Harris product suite.

NEXIO 6.0 software supports NEXIO AMP and NEXIO Volt™ 1RU transmission servers, and works in combination with both Farad high-performance online storage systems and Velocity 2.5 editors. The NEXIO 6.0 software release includes new streamlined configuration and update tools to improve customer ease of use, as well as four exciting new products:

  • Track Router for tighter control and playout of multi-channel audio, ideal for multi-lingual broadcast and made more efficient through API support. Also incorporates closed caption workflows and simplifies the file interchange and archive process by integrating all video, audio and closed caption content into a single file
  • AMP Logo for adding still and animated graphics with dynamic text from secondary events to enhance channel branding — all under automation control
  • Avid DNxHD® codec support for MXF-based file sharing with Avid editors to and from NEXIO servers in any resolution, and native baseband ingest and playout of DNxHD
  • H.264 codec support eliminates transcoding requirements, avoiding generational loss and thereby maintaining high video quality through native format playout of content from file distribution systems such as PathFire and Pitch Blue™

"The synergy between all of these products brings the benefits of high-density ingest, format independence, multichannel support, high-throughput mass storage and fast turnaround playout to our customers in our most advanced workflow- and energy-efficient solution to date," said Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. "The new products and features combined with our focus to improve ease of use will provide customers with advanced functionality, increased on-air reliability and reduced total cost of ownership."

In broadcast communications, Harris offers products, systems and services that provide interoperable workflow solutions for broadcast, cable, satellite and out-of-home networks. The Harris ONE™ solution brings together highly integrated and cost-effective products that enable advanced media workflows for emerging content delivery business models.

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