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Create the Ultimate Work + Play Space
Posted on Friday, August 21, 2020
Create the Ultimate Work + Play Space

August 21, 2020 - Now more than ever, maximizing space at home has become an important part of our daily routine. We’re spending more time working from home, kids are distance learning, and it can be a real challenge to find space that conveniently (and sanely!) supports both needs. Don’t let the walls close in! We’ve got a few tips and real-life examples to make your living space more versatile!


Let’s face it, keeping up with our kids’ stuff strewn around the house is already a daily chore, and incorporating the new requirement for distance learning only adds to the challenge of finding space for additional laptops and computers! Well, if you’re like the Shirley Family, the answer was to repurpose an existing room already designated for the kids.

Adding three compact IKEA desks along the back wall of the playroom was the perfect solution! Other furniture pieces were removed, and TVs, game consoles and devices were wall mounted freeing up the space needed for desks and chairs.


Time to think outside the box and take a look at our living space differently. For example, is there a small area in the kitchen or dining room that can be used for more than a decorative end table or book shelf? With a little handiwork (and a sprinkling of inspiration), a small corner that was not reaching its full potential can be transformed into a fully-functional work or play space.

One of the best transformations we’ve seen is @i_am_milkes who revamped a corner section of his kitchen into the ultimate gaming space! An area once used for storage morphed into a coffee bar and then into a gamer’s paradise. He even utilized the vertical wall space to maximize storage of game devices and novelties. And with a little help from HIDEit's Gaming Wall Mounts, he was able to achieve an overall sleek, clutter free gaming setup.


Our designated play spaces at home are now being infiltrated by work stuff and all the stress that goes with it! Where do we go to find balance and zen? The answer might be as easy as moving our play space into our second favorite space - the bedroom.

A stunning example of this is @creative_klarity who transformed her bedroom into the ultimate hybrid space! With a few key furniture pieces like a sleek desk and entertainment center, her bedroom also functions as a key place to do her creative design work or spend the evening gaming in an ultra comfortable setting. Utilizing the wall space around her TV to mount game devices, controllers, and headsets provided a sleek storage solution to traditional media cabinets and drawers. Now those drawers can be used to store other items. Clutter free zen feels so good!

Finding the space to support work and play life balance is possible! A little creativity, inspiration and storage solutions like wall mounts go a long way to help maximize your current living space. Check out more of our organizational tools to help you get clutter free and love your space!

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