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THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit's Newest Sonos Mounts Collection
Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2020

Ahead of the curve. Attractive. Reliable. Good quality.

All words fans have used to describe one of the leading multi-room consumer electronics companies, Sonos. It’s no surprise this brand’s popularity has continued to grow and Sonos is now a popular household name.

And, with their increasing popularity has come an even greater demand from customers and pro AV installers for additional Sonos wall mount solutions. Well, those requests did not fall on deaf ears. We’re excited to announce the expansion of HIDEit’s Sonos Wall Mount Collection with wall mounts for the Sonos Beam and Sonos Port!



Our love for Sonos products started way before we met their team at the 2017 CEDIA Expo. They were thoroughly impressed with our Sonos Connect Amp Mount, which led to them sending us a pre-market sample of the 2018 Sonos Amp so that we could create another truly unique wall mount solution.

Learn more about how we created the HIDEit S-Amp Mount.

“Our intent has always been to grow our Sonos Wall Mount Collection and provide as many solutions as possible for AV integrators and installers. We started in 2017 with the Connect Amp and recently added the Sonos Port and Beam to our Collection as a result of numerous requests. Plus, quite frankly, we got tired of telling customers that we didn’t have a solution for those two devices. That’s just not our style.”~ Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO. 




The design decisions for the HIDEit Port Mount were easy. With the Sonos Port replacing the aging Sonos Connect, we opted to use features the Sonos team originally loved about our Connect Mount - versatility and minimalist form. Our Port Mount's design mirrors the shape of the device. Its rounded edges securely hold the device in place so it can be securely wall mounted or under-desk mounted.

However, the HIDEit Beam Mount posed a challenge with how to appropriately support its weight and size while eliminating the potential for sag. There’s nothing worse than looking at your TV from an angle and noticing your soundbar is slightly facing south! Our design team went through a few prototypes as they realized a straight 90 degree bend would not accommodate the weight. We also had to use a heavier-gauge steel and add corner ribs to increase strength and support proper placement on the wall. We even determined the most visually appealing distance from the wall to under the TV so the mount would not awkwardly stick out like other options on the market.

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