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HD Down Converter, Coax I/O

Model: 7812HDC-HD

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The 7812HDC-HD is a Broadcast Quality Down Converter that down convert common HD/SMPTE ST 292-1 to common SD/SMPTE ST 259 video signals. The 7812HDC series incorporates Mosquito Noise Reduction (MNR) and Block Artifact Reduction (BAR) in addition to motion adaptive spatial-temporal (3D) noise reduction. The 7812HDC series also incorporates new de-interlacing technologies for superior resolution and artifact reduction. The 7812HDC series supports broadcast quality scaling and offers both standard and user defined ARC modes. AFD (SMPTE ST 2016) based steering of ARC modes and stamping AFD codes is fully supported. Transitions between AFD modes are frame accurate/glitch free. With the +F option, signals applied to PGM B IN can be keyed into image side panels. FILL inputs are frame synchronized so that pre-timing of FILL inputs is not required. With the +CF2G option, static or animated side panels can be stored locally and keyed into image side-panels. Full broadcast quality color correction and detail enhancement processors are integrated in the 7812HDC series. RGB based color legalization is also supported. ITU Rec. 709 - 601 color space conversions are performed as needed.The 7812HDC series supports 16 channels of embedded audio with audio delay automatically matching video delay. Additional audio delay is available. Full audio proc is supported including per channel audio gain, channel swapping and inversion controls. Surround sound to stereo (Lt/Rt or LoRo) down-mixing is supported.

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