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Eiki Projection Technology Brings Clarity of Message to the South Carolina State House
Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017
Eiki Projection Technology Brings Clarity of Message to the South Carolina State House

Columbia, SC – April 2017 Strategically centered in downtown Columbia, the South Carolina State House is the seat of South Carolina’s state government.  The State House is home to the Governor's office, as well as the House and Senate chambers. Within this facility is the South Carolina Senate chamber, which is the functioning space for the South Carolina Senate. This is where all bills are discussed and voted on once they come out of committee. With so many important decisions being made here, the ability to clearly present materials is of paramount importance. This is precisely why the facility recently upgraded its video projection capability to include state-of-the-art video projectors from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA-based Eiki International, Inc.

 Gattis Professional Audio of Lexington, SC, a full-service audio/visual, lighting, and acoustics company with a focus on the House of Worship, government, and education markets, was contracted to handle the facility upgrade at the South Carolina State House. Company president Sid Gattis discussed the project and his decision to deploy two Eiki EK-810U 8000 Lumen laser projectors.

 “This was a long-term project that started during the summer of 2016 and ran through December,” Gattis explained. “Within the SC Senate Chamber, there are desks for the 46 elected Senators and the Dais is the working location for the President of the Senate, the reading clerk, the Senate clerk, plus additional staff members. We had previously installed a very effective audio system in this space, but since the video presentation equipment was almost 10 years old, the decision was made to replace the projectors and the infrastructure to bring it up to modern spec. The room has two display screens built into the very ornate woodwork to the left and right of the Dais and the two Eiki projectors are hidden in chambers at the back of the room.”

 “The Eiki projectors are used by the Senators to conduct presentations for the entire body of the Senate and they are also used by invited speakers and guests so they, too, can present information to the Senators,” Gattis added, “Though there have been renovations, the chamber still retains the look and feel of the old-style architecture, so it was very important to install the projectors in such a way that they did not disrupt the architectural aesthetics of the space.”

 The Eiki EK-810U projector features 8,000 Lumen brightness, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and superior color performance resulting from the use of both blue and red lasers. Compared to more traditional laser-based projection systems that incorporate a blue laser only, the addition of the red laser results in greater brightness, a higher red color ratio without diminishing either blue or green performance, along with increased Gamut Area Ratio performance. When asked about these attributes and their impact on his decision to deploy them at the South Carolina State House, Gattis offered the following, “We wanted full HD machines and the client was particularly interested in the benefits of laser technology-based projectors. With the Eiki EK-810U, image quality is very sharp and clear with great color—even in a room with lots of ambient light.”

 “Given that laser technology is less fragile than traditional lamp-based systems and offers nearly instant on/off performance,” Gattis continued, “the capabilities of these projectors make them a terrific choice. Equally important, they require far less maintenance that many other projector types.”

 With projects of this complexity, questions inevitably arise. In this regard, Gattis rates Eiki’s customer and technical support services best in class. “Customer service is a key reason we do business with Eiki,” Gattis says. “If I encounter any issues, I know I can get someone on the phone promptly and get quality assistance.”

 With the new Eiki projectors operational for the past few months, Gattis says his customer is extremely pleased. “My customer has been very complimentary of the new equipment,” he reports. “The South Carolina State House is an extremely important client that I am ‘on call’ with whenever the Senate is in session. After several months, all is good. I chalk that up, in large part, to Eiki’s quality projectors that are reliable and intuitive to use.”

 To learn more about Gattis Pro Audio, visit the company’s website at

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