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Placentia Presbyterian Church Projects the Right Image with Eiki
Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Placentia Presbyterian Church Projects the Right Image with Eiki

Placentia, CA - October 2015… Situated in northern Orange County, Placentia Presbyterian Church has a rich history that dates back over 100 years. Services at the church offer a combination of the traditional and contemporary and feature a broad range of musical styles depending on the occasion and time of year. In its ongoing effort to further engage all members of the congregation and, in the process, make services even more relevant, church management recently elected to incorporate video projection technology. This led to the deployment of two LC-WXL200AL LCD projectors from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA-based Eiki International, Inc.


Christian Sound Services of Long Beach, CA, a design / build firm that specializes in the installation of audio, video, and lighting systems for the worship market, was contracted by Placentia Presbyterian Church to handle the project. Rod Stoddard, the firm’s owner and principal consultant who was also responsible for system design and oversight of the installation, discussed the job and his reasons for selecting the Eiki projectors.


“The plan was for the new video system to be used mostly for lyrics to the hymns and other music used during services,” Stoddard explained. “Occasionally, however, images or a video clip will also be shown by Dr. Tobin Wilson, the church Pastor. While everyone agreed that incorporating video projectors into services was the right move, some parishioners wanted a minimal impact on the aesthetics of the sanctuary. For this reason, we brought in our artist who painted the screen casings to match the stone wall. This way, when the screens are retracted, they are far less noticeable—enabling the entire video system to maintain a low profile.”


“We chose the Eiki LC-WXL200AL projectors based on the vibrant colors and image clarity they deliver,” Stoddard continued, “and because these projectors are easy for our technicians to mount and configure. The two projectors were mounted using Chief hardware—part of Eiki’s installation package—on the balcony face and the throw distance is 58 feet. We like working with Eiki because some of our large, established churches have required a 15,000 lumen-class projector like the company’s LC-HDT2000 model while, other times, a more basic model is needed, such as for a Fellowship Hall where a 3,600 lumen projector does the trick. Eiki has a very comprehensive product line and they all look great. That makes writing estimates and wining the bidding process very easy for us.”


When installing AV equipment, questions inevitably arise and it’s important for the installation crew to get answers quickly in order to keep a project on schedule. On that note, Stoddard gives Eiki International, Inc. high marks. “If we ever have a question,” Stoddard said, “Eiki’s design and tech support group is awesome. Steve Rubery, Rich Noll, and John Schippers are a great trio of know-how expertise to call upon when you have a tricky install or technical obstacle. Specifically, Steve Rubery is a wiz with the specifics of the entire Eiki line as well as the design integration and technical calculations necessary to have an install come off without a hitch. We’ve been very impressed.”


Placentia Presbyterian Church’s installation took place during June 2015 and the equipment was placed into service immediately afterward. Since that time, Stoddard reports his client is extremely pleased with their new video capabilities, “The Pastor and tech team at Placentia Presbyterian Church are having a ball with their new gear. Now, they are planning new ways to draw in the congregation during services even more than before by incorporating imaginative content using their new video system. It’s been a very gratifying experience for everyone involved.”


To learn more about Placentia Presbyterian Church, visit their website at For additional information about Christian Sound Services, go to


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