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The Beamforming Microphone Array is Now Shipping!
Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013
It seemed impossible to cover the audio needs of an entire conference room with something so small, but the alternative was the nightmare prospect of installing and calibrating up to ten individual microphones to work perfectly together.
It seemed absurd to suggest that we could create the Pro-Audio industry’s first professional-grade microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering technology, but the alternative was a conference room full of wires, and a ceiling full of holes.
At ClearOne, we enjoy making the impossible happen.
Introducing the Beamforming Microphone Array. Pro-Audio will never sound the same.
  • Beamforming & adaptive steering technology
  • Next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • 24 microphone elements
  • Mono and stereo modes for diverse applications
  • Flexible mounting for ceiling
  • Works with CONVERGE® Pro products: 880, 840T, 880T, 880TA
  • Expandable for larger room applications by daisy-chaining up to three arrays per CONVERGE Pro unit
  • Adaptive acoustic processing automatically adjusts to room configuration for best possible pickup
  • Replaces up to 10 traditional microphones, with twice the pick-up range
Model: Beamforming Mic Array (Warranty)
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