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ClearOne Aura® Versa™ 50 Video Conferencing System Is Ideal for Home Offices, Says Security Industry Executive Reed Grothe
Posted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021
ClearOne Aura® Versa™ 50 Video Conferencing System Is Ideal for Home Offices, Says Security Industry Executive Reed Grothe

SALT LAKE CITY, March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- , March 2, 2021 — As Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for, Reed Grothe can spend more than eight hours each day on conference calls with national and international partners. Having become accustomed to the professional-grade AV technologies used in the company's offices, the rapid shift to working from home that occurred in 2020 quickly taught Grothe the value of these technologies and led him to seek out the ideal solution to create a premium video conferencing experience from home. That's when he discovered the Versa™50, a complete conferencing solution offering from ClearOne Aura®..

"I'm not an expert on the latest video conferencing technologies, so I sought advice from my acquaintances who are experts, and ClearOne's reputation, quality and robust feature sets made it a clear frontrunner," Grothe recalled. "Now, after only a short time using the Versa 50 solution, just about every aspect of my daily video conferences has improved dramatically. Whether it's remote control of the camera's electronic pan, tilt and zoom functions, outstanding image quality and excellent lighting management or crystal-clear speakerphone audio, the strengths of these devices make my conference calls clearer, easier and more professional, just as if I were at our corporate headquarters."

Debuted in December, ClearOne Aura offers a comprehensive range of Good, Better, Best packages of enterprise quality audio, video, audio-video home office solutions options and a free COLLABORATE® Space lifetime subscription, the award-winning video collaboration app.

The Versa 50 system combines a ClearOne UNITE® 50 4K camera and a CHAT® 150 speakerphone to provide superior video and audio performance in any situation. The UNITE 50 4K camera leverages an ultra-wide 120-degree field of view with a 3x zoom capability to deliver ultimate versatility for any size meeting in any size room. While most electronic pan, tilt and zoom (ePTZ) camera systems can only be adjusted through a PC app, the UNITE 50 4K's ePTZ functions can be controlled instantly with the included handheld remote, simplifying changes and eliminating the need to shuffle windows on a computer screen. The Versa USB Hub provides a single USB cable to your computer for ease of connectivity.

The system's enviable video performance is matched by the CHAT 150 speakerphone's advanced HDConference® audio capture and playback capabilities, which include Distributed Echo Cancellation®, noise cancellation, full duplex performance and automatic level controls. Both the UNITE 50 4K camera and CHAT 150 speakerphone connect via USB for power and data, delivering simple, fast setup using any laptop or PC.

"Honestly, this is going to be my default computer and AV interface for all future communications," Grothe added. "As travel resumes, I plan to bring the system with me to provide an exceptional experience no matter where I am, so the small physical size of both the camera and speakerphone are another major benefit. Now when I'm on-site at a customer facility that lacks high-quality video conferencing equipment, I can provide that service and not miss a beat."

Grothe also noted how, because is a technology company, it's expected that it employs the latest technologies for internal operations, no matter whether work is being done from home, a corporate office or a hotel room halfway around the world.

"After using the ClearOne Versa 50 system, I'm recommending it to colleagues and business associates as the best solution for video conferencing from home and remote locations," he added. "Being in the technology industry, I understand how a single-source solution can simplify operations, improve reliability and ensure compatibility, and ClearOne's solutions do just that. It's especially beneficial when conferencing with non-native English speakers, or conferences in my non-native Spanish, so that we can all hear each other as clearly as possible and see body language and mouth movements that aid in communication."

Model: Versa 50 (Aura)
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