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ClearOne Partners with American Doctors Online to Deliver Secure, Cloud-Based Communications for National TeleNursing Center
Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2015
ClearOne’s Spontania Cloud Service Provides 24/7/365 Video Connections for Expert TeleNursing Care and Support to Survivors of Sexual Assault
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (June 2, 2015)– ClearOne has partnered with American Doctors Online and PhoneDOCTORx through a partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to provide secure cloud-based communications between the National TeleNursing Center and telemedicine carts used by clinicians in remote locations throughout the USA.
ClearOne’s Spontania collaboration platform is being used by the National Sexual Assault TeleNursing Center located at the Newton Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts. The Center uses telemedicine technology to deliver 24-hour remote expert consultation by Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners to clinicians caring for sexual assault survivors in underserved regions. The Center was established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health with grant funding (#2012-NE-BX-K001) provided by the Office for Victim of Crime.
“Sexual assault survivors have unique medical, emotional, and forensic needs which require a trauma-informed approach to patient care,” said Stacy E. Garrity, Director, National TeleNursing Center. “This assures that assault survivors will be adequately supported while they make informed decisions regarding their medical care and involvement in the criminal justice system.”
Spontania provides the Newton, MA-based TeleNursing Center a simple, secure, and HIPAA-complaint method to conduct face-to-face video calls with remote facilities. The only physical task the remote clinician needs to perform is roll in the telemedicine cart and turn it on prior to establishing a connection with the national center.
“This type of innovative telemedicine technology can improve the outcomes for patients by enabling the exchange of information from one site to another via a live, personal video communication,” Stacy Garrity added. “When applied to SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) practice, this has the potential to create a strong support community for clinicians, and increase their personal confidence, role satisfaction, and retention on the job.”
ClearOne’s Spontania cloud-based services empower professionals in medicine and many other industries to engage in wide-area, high-quality video and voice collaboration without the burden of expensive hardware or infrastructure. It also allows service providers and technical partners to expand their own offerings by deploying Spontania technology within their own networks, building on other ClearOne technology to advance and enhance their range of conferencing and collaboration solutions. In this case, remote clinicians can better serve their patients including those in typically underserved communities such as tribal nations, correctional institutions, rural populations, and the military.
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