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Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009

NAB 2009, 20-23 April, Booth SL1420: Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) today announced its summer 2009 release of AXIS services. Featuring new structures incorporating management reporting, order placement and tracking tools, AXIS summer edition provides even better return on investment than ever before!


AXIS summer 2009 release will feature “Track and Order”, a new Library and Order Management Solution (OMS) designed to organize and manage media in Chyron’s Distributed Centralization solution. These powerful new functions will be available to all current users.

To further increase the impact of this release, Chyron announces the creation of it new AXIS Cloud development platform. A sophisticated set of API’s allow third party developers to integrate directly with Track and Order for database management needs to offer even more services within Chyron’s hosted service environment.

At the time of posting Maximum Throughput, Atex Polopoly, Asseto, Forbidden Technologies and Txtstation have embraced these API’s and their services will be offered alongside those of AXIS. AXIS workflow now incorporates craft and proxy web based editing, Content Management System integration, file conversion and distribution management and direct integration with user generated content through voting and interaction.

Updates for existing services include the addition of Microsoft Virtual Earth satellite imagery integrated with Maps. New management reporting tools showing graphics usage, response times, storage usage and more help to complete this significant package. Offering both self-fulfilment of templated graphics and order placement for original content, AXIS with OMS provides real-time reporting at all stages of production.

Together, these AXIS features comprise the most sophisticated online graphics portfolio available in the broadcast industry today.

AXIS is the world's first online content creation system for broadcasters and media providers. AXIS provides the ability to build broadcast quality news graphics, charts, quotes, maps and weather – instantly by anyone with an internet connection.

Chyron CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley said, “Even though we work with it every day, we continue to be astonished at the rapidly expanding power, flexibility and seemingly limitless benefits provided by the AXIS platform. The new developments announced today are the tip of the iceberg of what users can expect to see over time. The accelerating adoption of AXIS by so many leading broadcast organizations is testament to the clear value that it provides, both in terms of quality of product produced and demonstrable, real-world improvements to the bottom line.”

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