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Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Melville, NY – April 7, 2009: Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) today announced a technology partnership agreement to integrate MaxT Systems’ web-based (SaaS) editing services “MAXedit® Web Edition” with Chyron’s AXIS graphics web services.

MAXedit (Web Edition) is a full featured, completely collaborative web-based, Non-Linear Editing (NLE) solution for Video Professionals in the Broadcast, Production, Post-Production and Prosumer markets. A light version is also available for consumers. MAXedit combined with Chyron’s web-based graphics creation, library and order management services provide a rapid and flexible workflow environment and further enhance AXIS’ already well established and unmatched ROI. 

Chyron Chief Operating Officer Kevin Prince said, “We have seen graphics creation systems as plug-ins for NLE’s many times, but never have graphics creation and editing been integrated at the management level. The logic of our partnership with MaxT Systems was evident from the outset of our discussions. Chyron has a proven ROI record in providing web based distributed centralization graphics workflows, and adding MAXedit takes this approach to a whole new level.

“Combining MAXedit with our AXIS web services is almost like discovering the value of non-linear editing all over again. In these economic times, this level of thinking outside the box and providing our clients with significant ROI is exactly Chyron’s focus.” 

MaxT Systems Chief Technology Officer Mahmoud J. Al-Daccak added, “The promise of a collaborative NLE environment has been advertised for a long time. But until MAXedit, true collaboration has been elusive. MAXedit’s ability to allow editing any material anytime and from anywhere combined with Chyron’s already rich web services delivers unparalleled benefits to our mutual clients, MaxT’s and Chyron’s shared vision of web based, completely collaborative suite of services for content owners and creators made it an easy decision for MaxT to partner with Chyron. We are excited about our partnership and expect rapid adoption of our services.”

MAXedit integrated with Chyron’s AXIS will be shown at NAB on Booth SL1420 (Chyron) and Booth SL11206 (MaxT). Commercial deployment is expected in the fourth quarter of 2009.

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