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Analog Way exhibits at LDI 2014 - Booth #2158 -
Posted on Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Analog Way exhibits at LDI 2014 - Booth #2158 -
November 2014 - Analog Way is pleased to exhibit at LDI. From November 21 to 23 in Las Vegas, USA, Analog Way will showcase a selection of its latest Mixers Seamless Switchers, including the powerful remote controller Vertige™.

Ascender 48 - Premium Multi-screen Seamless Switcher with 48 Scalers

Ascender 48 (Ref. ASC4806) is a powerful Multi-screen Seamless Switcher with 48 Scalers.
The system offers 12 seamless inputs with 42 input plugs: 6 x HDMI, 9 x DVI-I, 3 x DisplayPort, 12 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 12 x Universal Analog. It can handle any source from composite video, up to 2560x1600, and outputs a variety of formats, including HD-TV and Computer format up to 2560x1600 and 4K.
Full 4K resolution is available as an optional feature on the Ascender 48, including for early stage units already in the field. Three HDMI 4K inputs and two DVI 4K outputs are available on the device.
Ascender 48 includes an independent Dual-Link output for monitoring purposes, with a Live Source Mosaic layout.
The product delivers varied display configurations: Mixer, Hybrid, Hard Edge and Soft Edge configurations. In addition to a native background layer, Ascender 48 can display up to 6 true-seamless scaled layers + 1 native background per output. Up to 50 frames and 50 logos can be stored in the device’s memory bank. Layers, including frames and logos, can be controlled individually in time and transition, and can be fully resized. Ascender 48 can be controlled through the Web RCS, an intuitive Web-based Remote Control specifically designed for the LiveCore™ platform.
It can also be easily controlled through the Vertige™ Remote Control Console, or through AMX and Crestron 2 or 3-Series systems thanks to a full package of drivers available on

Vertige™ - Premium Remote Controller for large Events/Multi-venues

The Vertige™ (Ref. VRC300) is a Premium Remote Console designed to control Analog Way’s latest generations of Mixers/Seamless Switchers. The controller presents a large operations panel of 510mm depth and 740mm wide (20”x29.2”), including a large 16/9 TFT color touch screen, and a variety of direct keys, contextual buttons, sliders, knobs as well as a joystick and T-Bar to operate the console.
To ensure optimum efficiency, the Vertige™ is based on “screen” management: each Mixer’s output can be managed independently and considered as one screen. Operators can quickly organize and manage their screens as wanted. For example, a layer can be changed simultaneously on all screens within seconds. Advanced combinations can be performed and saved for later use.
Vertige™ will be demonstrated controlling the Ascender 48 during LDI 2014.

Saphyr - Mixer Native Matrix Switcher with 10 inputs

Saphyr (Ref. SPX450) is a versatile Mixer Native Matrix Switcher based on Analog Way’s Midra™ platform. Saphyr comes in a 2RU enclosure, and with upgraded connectivity through 10 seamless inputs and 16 input plugs: 4 x Universal Analog, 4 x DVI-D, 4 x HDMI and 4 x 3G-SDI plugs.
Saphyr can operate fast and seamlessly switch between any of its 16 input plugs without fade through black or loss of sync. The product features a matrix mode with 2 outputs, and offers custom output format management to fit with any display resolution including non-standard formats such as LED walls and rear-projection cubes.
Saphyr delivers ultra-performing processing with a new de-interlacing process, and optimized presets management.
Saphyr offers advanced audio management: It can easily embed or de-embed digital audio on HDMI and DVI-D connectors on inputs and outputs, ensuring better quality of the video and audio mix.
The Saphyr can be controlled through the RCS², a user-friendly graphic interface designed for all Midra™ systems. As an AIR application, the RCS² is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It offers 3 main sections to setup and control the Saphyr: Setup, Edit and Live. The section to control audio signals includes the main elements of an audio console, including potentiometers, faders and a VU meter.
Saphyr can also be easily controlled through the RK-350 Remote Keypad and the revamped Orchestra² controller, or through AMX and Crestron 2 or 3-Series systems thanks to a full package of drivers available on
Date: Nov 4, 2014
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