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HealtheMed Uses Sony Display Technology to Engage, Motivate, Monitor, and Support Health Outcomes for Medicaid Clients in Minnesota

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HealtheMed Uses Sony Display Technology to Engage, Motivate, Monitor, and Support Health Outcomes for Medicaid Clients in Minnesota
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HealtheMed is a publichealth utility startup and disruptor dedicated to supporting underserved Medicaid waivered clients in Minnesota through Clinic@Home, a hybrid digital telehealthplatform that is accessed primarily from the comfort of one’s home.  By making access to healthcare inclusive, simple, and on a client’s terms, HealtheMed is helping at-risk participants become and stay more independent, with the potential for stability in the community, even better outcomes, and a healthier lifestyle.

One key component that makes this innovative and growing program work so well is technology.  HealtheMed is using Sony’s FW-50BZ30L 50-inch professional BRAVIA displaysin each client’s home to facilitateits “always-on” telehealth platform, which provides accessto support and care, along with entertainment and convenience.  Sony’s portfolio of professional BRAVIA 4K HDR displays, which range in size from 32 to 98-inches,prioritize exceptional image quality, a wide viewing angle, flexible installation, helpful professional features, and a powerful System on a Chip (SoC) platform, with different series offering innovative differentiators such as a Deep Black Non-Glare Coating.

For HealtheMed’s enrollees, technology is the catalyst to remove unnecessary costs and barriersto healthcare, such asaccess to transportation, limited appointment availability,a shortage of providers, long wait times, physical challenges, and anxiety. It’s become a ubiquitous tool for clients to use as it suits their needs and situations.In turn, access to an integratedhealth app, like Clinic@Home, provides less strain on the healthcare system.  When individuals are better monitoring their health with more consistency, it can mean proactively addressed symptoms;less need for costly ambulance rides, ER visits,and unnecessary hospital stays;and less strain on short-staffed healthcare facilities and the over-extended state Medicaid budget.

Ron Mandelbaum, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of HealtheMed, explained why using the “superior” Sony displays in their client’s homes is so essential to their business model and is a beneficial motivator for clients.  “The cornerstone of our hardware stack is the Sony professional BRAVIA display.  It’s the focal point and anchor of the home, especially for the population we currently serve.  They typically have less discretionary income andminimal support, as well associal phobias, and therefore tend to watch many hours of television a day.  We want our clients to be wowed with the display when we show up to install it and we want and need them to engage with it.  Providing them with a premium, top-of-the-line smart solution from a company with tremendous brand recognition like Sonyis a win for everyone and immediately reorients their mindset.”

HealtheMed installs a 50-inch Sony displayat each client’s home, in a location of their choosing.  Featuring multipoint video capability, integrated remote patient monitoring such as a medication auto-dispensing unit, Bluetoothdevices such as a thermometer,pulse oximeter, blood pressure, glucose, and weight scale, HealtheMed canreal-time monitor and engage with clients.  All of the vitals and stats are pushed into the cloud and available to the client’s entire care team.Through integrated telehealth offerings including medication reminders and remote patient monitoring, userscan access and address related healthcare needs,and virtual telemedicine encounters from their own or contracted community practitionersat home, through theirdisplay.  

Mandelbaum went on to detail the reason for choosing a Sony professional display as opposed to a consumer television offering.“We chose the high-quality pro AV models because they provide superior technology. You’ve got better pixelation, better sound quality, and an enhanced warranty.  The displays can be adjusted to create the right environment for our hearing or visually impaired clients.  They offer a really rich television experience and are durable, rugged, and built to last.  As a long-term solution, we want them to be in these homes for years to come.  The pro display’s ability for mobile device management alsofitsour clients’ needs and our service delivery model.”

Another important aspect was the collaboration that Sony offered HealtheMed.  Mandelbaum described, “Sony’s willingness to work with uson a global scale andenhance our innovative Android TV platform development, bring solutions and problem solvethrough knowledge gained on important projectswith important clientele was extremely valuable.In addition to being gracious with their time, Sony has provided us with connections to key distributors and business partners.”

Beyond the obvious benefits for a client’s physical well-being, having a brand-new display also gives them a source ofentertainment, sports, information, and escape.  In collaboration with Comcast’s Internet Essential program, members are given fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet service to access local TV and free streaming content on their television. All this drives a long-term engaged client on a path toward wellness.

HealtheMed does all of the device procurement, kitting, bundling, and provisioning in-house before delivering the bundle to a client. HealtheMed is also able to collect data and remotely access and control the display in troubleshooting and tech support scenarios.  

“Based on consistent growth we’re now able to show data on over 20,000 client engagement points per month. This data helps prove outcomes and open doors for growth opportunities,” explained Mandelbaum.“Data is king.  It helps us perfect our process, figure out what works, and continue to learn and serve our clients in a profound way.Our certified electronic health record is loaded with data that’s owned by the client and is powerful contemporary information thatensures a meaningful telemedicine encounter with the clinicians. This synchronous visit with a webcam on a large screen display prominently affixed in their home occurs at a date and time convenient for the client and in the comfort of their home.  That’s huge for any population and it’s especially a paradigm shift in health delivery for this cohort typically experiencing many gaps. The health system has never had this kind of visibility and really the big picture here is that the home is the new low-cost setting of care as we address true population health.We’re proud of a 96% Medicaid client renewal rate and outcomes data like a 22% reduction in missed appointments. Interest in this system is really increasing now across multiple payor types, State government agencies, and social service business partners.” 

With medication adherence being among the top fixable problems in the U.S. healthcare system, HealtheMed addressed the correlation between social determinants of health, location, and medication adherence ultimately yielding medication therapy management through the Clinic@Home system.  Being able to point to key metrics such as a 61% increase in medication adherence across its client base to nearly 80% is helping HealtheMed prove the success and necessity of its business model.  Their goal is to expand into other states, payors, and health populations with a version of Clinic@Home. They are well on their way towards growing a critical massof clientsand collecting valuable data to support their mission.

“Our plan is to take this nationwide and we’re working toward that goal,” said Mandelbaum.  “We want to support our clients, create stability in the community, and hopefully even start to improve the trajectory of their health so they can remain independent as long as it’s feasible and possible.”  As he looks to the future, Mandelbaum plans to expand HealtheMed’s relationship with Sony through further testing of the company’s Device Management Platform for remote management and monitoring, as well as enhancing the video, sound, and voice recognition capabilities. They’re especially proud to be focusing on using Sony’s strengths to improve the experience of those with physical and behavioral disabilities.

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