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Changi Singapore International Airport

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Changi Singapore International Airport
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Changi Singapore International Airport

It is the mission of Changi Airport Group to be the world’s leading airport company, growing a safe, secure and vibrant air hub in Singapore and enhancing the communities they serve worldwide. One of the liveliest cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore is home to over five million people. Changi Airport is the gateway to all Singapore has to offer, and services over 100 airlines with flights to nearly 400 destinations across the globe. The logistical challenge of servicing so many travelers is staggering. On top of that, today’s airports need to be more than glorified transit stations. They need to be destinations in their own right, or at least reasonable facsimiles of such. An airport is often the first thing a traveler will see when they arrive in a city, and the last thing they remember when they leave. This role is something an airport management team ought to take extremely seriously, as the first impressions and last impressions they imprint on travelers can dictate whether or not those travelers return.

To keep these travelers informed, engaged, and entertained, Changi needed a state-of-the-art digital display solution that could accomplish several objectives simultaneously. For this, they turned to large-format LED provider NanoLumens®. The decision to install an LED display over any rival technology was simple, as LED displays are considerably more powerful than other kinds of light sources, and consume far less energy as well. With NanoLumens innovative know-how and proprietary technology, LED displays can also be built to suit any size, shape, or curvature to allow customers unlimited versatility.

The team at Changi has taken a unique approach to their concourse design, and it has dramatically improved the once-lackluster routine of waiting around. Travelers arrive early, they relax through security, and they shop and dine as they soak in the effusive Singaporean culture that pervades throughout the concourse. Airports across the world could take a lesson from Changi. It is regularly rated the top airport in the world, and the newly debuted Terminal 4 is a large part of the reason. The versatility, reliability, and brilliance of LED display tech gives it almost unlimited potential utility in an airport space. Our recent white paper on the subject goes into much further detail about this utility, offering reflections on several completed airport display installations as well as insights into how future airports could learn from these projects.

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