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Pocketalker® Improves Patients' Participation and Understanding

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Pocketalker® Improves Patients' Participation and Understanding
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Pocketalker® Improves Patients' Participation and Understanding

In the vibrant city of Kingston, Ontario, lies the Limestone Hearing Care Centre, owned and operated by Dr. Heidi Ludwig, AuD. Dr. Ludwig is dedicated to providing personalized hearing healthcare services to the local community.  

Many of her elderly patients bring a caregiver to appointments to assist with hearing conversations. Dr. Ludwig values her patients' active participation in their testing and treatment discussions, and in the past, she provided sample hearing aids to aid in counseling conversations. Unfortunately, patients sometimes misunderstand this as a sales pitch. Dr. Ludwig now offers a Pocketalker personal amplifier during appointments to avoid any confusion. This device allows patients to actively participate in conversations about their hearing health by amplifying their discussions, and because the Pocketalker doesn’t resemble a traditional hearing aid, patients are more comfortable using it.  

Dr. Ludwig's patients often face challenges beyond hearing loss, such as age-related dexterity issues and limited budgets. The Pocketalker's handheld design makes it easy for patients with dexterity issues to use, and it's an affordable solution for those on a budget. "While not suitable for all my patients, many benefit from amplifying the sounds around them," Dr. Ludwig said. "Over the years, the Pocketalker has become a staple tool among the various hearing technology solutions available to me and my patients."

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