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Benton County, State of Washington
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With courtroom and hearing room technology playing an ever-increasing role in the justice system, it became critical for Benton County to implement advanced solutions in their court spaces, as they had lacked contemporary AV capabilities.


Benton County collaborated with Convergent Technologies Design Group (CTDG) to implement advanced, feature-rich Crestron solutions across all Superior Court and District Court rooms. The technologies needed to align with the sophisticated courtroom culture led by Benton County’s judges and staff. CTDG also collaborated with Mier Architecture & Engineering on design, and both teams worked together seamlessly to reimagine the courtroom spaces.


With an abundance of sources and strict requirements for what the courtrooms can route, CTDG explored various streaming technologies and selected Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology to distribute flawless, high-resolution video content safely and securely across the network. DM NVX encoders connected to a county local area network (LAN) were implemented to allow users to connect their own device easily and instantly to start presenting.

DM NVX helps the court present evidence in an advanced way while also adhering to one of the courts’ most important elements, content preview. Before anyone sees a source, the judge must approve it. If there's any kind of issue with content being shown before it is used, it could cause a mistrial or several legal issues. Crestron provides the Judge with the capability to easily select up to five different ways to share evidence across the eight different courtroom displays. DM NVX delivers absolute connectivity with no loss of display quality, which is critical when presenting.

In addition, Crestron technology enables the jurors and public to participate in trials from different rooms to adhere to social distancing measures. “If the court wanted to have one of the other rooms function as an overflow room, they can easily bring that signal in elsewhere,” explains Holaday.

A Crestron Control System serves as the heart of control for the hearing rooms and courtrooms, providing simplified management of all the disparate technologies throughout the facility to make life easier, greener, and more productive.

Crestron touch screens provide a control interface for the various courtroom and hearing room technologies, such as source selection and adjusting audio levels so that users can manage of all the different open mics for attorneys, the jury, and the gallery. The court needed to be able to switch the monitors off during private conversations, as well as to showcase evidence throughout the room. With the touch of a button, they’re able to control pretty much anything from a Crestron touch screen.


Crestron technology has not only helped improve the safety and welfare of all the county’s judicial-court participants, but it will also assist in elevating future projects. With Crestron, Benton County’s courtrooms and hearing rooms now serve as tech-forward settings for trials and have helped create a consistent experience across all the spaces.

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