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City Council Chamber, Newport, Wales, UK

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City Council Chamber, Newport, Wales, UK
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The Newport City Council was in need of a solution to improve audio intelligibility for participants in the room and for remote viewers during hybrid meetings, whilst preserving the historic integrity of the furniture in their listed building. 

The TAIDEN Digital Infrared Wireless Microphones delivered the flexibility, professional audio quality and ease-of-use that the council searched for within their exquisite, yet acoustically challenging environment. Using infrared alleviated all concerns regarding RF interference and privacy. 

This is due to Digital IR using a frequency that is far away from that of RF devices and being a line-of-sight technology that cannot pass through walls. An additional consideration for Newport Council, given their locality, was the availability of the Welsh language during meetings. Using TAIDEN’s suite of interpreting and language distribution solutions, participants can sit anywhere in the chamber with a receiver and listen to the proceedings in Welsh.