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NEC Display’s Evolving Solutions For QSR Take Center Stage

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NEC Display’s Evolving Solutions For QSR Take Center Stage
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The Challenge:

Create a space at NEC Display’s Briefing Center showcasing how QSR digital signage has evolved past menu boards to provide a complete customer solution.

Solution: Multiple applications:

• (3) NEC V554 55-inch commercial-grade large-format displays in a 1x3 menu board configuration

• (1) NEC V484 48-inch commercial-grade large-format display with protective glass and Peerless –AV kiosk enclosure

• (1) NEC V484-T 48-inch commercial-grade large-format display with touchscreen overlay in a Peerless-AV kiosk enclosure

• NEC ALP (Analytics Learning Platform), which uses demographic data captured by multiple sensors to create an engaging experience for shoppers

• (1) C751Q 75-inch ultra-high-definition commercial display

• Partner technologies: Chief, Creative Realities, Peerless-AV, Intel

Result: An interactive exhibit of NEC’s digital signage solutions for the quick-serve restaurant market that proves the power of content for boosting both sales and customer engagement.

When NEC Display Solutions set out to design its new headquarters, it had a specific goal in mind: to create multiple environments that would showcase its spectrum of technologies and solutions, specific to each industry and application. For quick-serve restaurants (QSR), this meant pulling together the best and newest technologies in NEC Display’s portfolio. With the variety and variable configurations of products available, QSR operators are able to create endless possibilities to provide guests with great experiences, and NEC Display can make it happen.

The QSR Vignette

At the NEC Briefing Center, the QSR vignette is not only a showcase for how the company’s products can be used in a restaurant setting. Because it’s located at NEC Display’s new stateof-the-art HQ, it’s also the café where employees meet to have lunch or coffee, conduct informal meetings, or watch a sporting event on the 75-inch C751Q UHD display. This means the QSR vignette goes beyond a theoretical application to be functional, which is key for prospective customers who want to discover the myriad possibilities. In fact, the ordering kiosk correspond with digital menu board content, demonstrating how guests can interact with digital signage in way that elevates their experience while streamlining processes for operators.

The Technologies

The QSR vignette is laid out much like a traditional quick-serve restaurant, with a 1x3 menu board comprising V554 commercial-grade large-format displays serving up menu board content, as well as two kiosks (in portrait and landscape orientations) that demonstrate how easy touchscreen ordering can be. The vignette allows diners to view menus and promotions on the digital menu boards, then use the touch-enabled kiosk to browse menus, customize orders and make their final selections. The V554 is ideal as a digital menu board, with a stylish and sleek design that blends into the environment, full HD resolution, and a high-haze coating that ensures content is easily readable even in a high-brightness environment. Rounding out the vignette is an ordering kiosk in landscape orientation, featuring NEC’s V484-T touch display with Creative Realities software and a kiosk enclosure by Peerless-AV. Another kiosk, this one in portrait orientation, features the V484 with protective glass. The protective glass ensures mission-critical, 24/7 operation, and the thermally toughened protective glass is shatter resistant. The two kiosks prove how easily QSR operators can integrate the technology into almost any environment.

The digital menu boards and kiosks face out into a full-use café, complete with dining tables, high-top tables and booths for employees to gather. The C751Q 75-inch display with integrated HD tuner makes it easy for employees to catch a Cubs game over lunch or have a watch party after-hours. Yet another V554 display allows employees to plug in and collaborate during impromptu meetings in the space.

The NEC Display Difference

In a business climate of constant competition for consumer dollars, eye-catching digital signage and display solutions are vital to getting foot traffic into QSR locations. “With the wide variety of customer-centric solutions and a track record for providing ongoing service and support, NEC Display is uniquely qualified to serve as trusted partner to QSR operators,” said Keith Yanke, NEC Display Director of Product Marketing. “For QSR, the NEC Display portfolio goes beyond the hardware to deliver true customer solutions in digital menu boards, kiosks, projectors, video wall displays, high-brightness displays, directview LED displays, and even analytics technology. Coupled with extensive R&D to provide technologies that embrace the future challenges for customers, NEC is well-equipped to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to forward-thinking solutions.”

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