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Shanghai World Longines World Championship Tour

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Shanghai World Longines World Championship Tour
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Planar enabled shanghai world longines championship tour creating "The World's Most Perfect Race"

April 29th through May 1st, 2016 brought the World Longines Championship Tour to Shanghai, China. Planar was selected to provide the outdoor LED displays surrounding the stadium with a total area of 276 square meters deployed.

More than 26,000 spectators came to the event this year. This was the third time Shanghai hosted the event. Longines is the highest five-star level equestrian steeplechase event in the world. The event featured several world-ranking horse riders such as Dresser Simon West, Christian Ahlmann, and Edwina. Chinese participants included Zhu Meimei, Zhiwen Zhao, Zhengwenjie and Liangqiaoling.

In addition, the event also holds a series of activities related to equestrian culture, erecting a marketplace along a British theme. English architectural features of the site, including iconic red telephone booths and bagpipe performances, and more than 20 British fashion brands gathered audiences.

The Planar product, a market leader in fine pitch LED, was praised for it's visual performance and quality. Being selected for the one of the world's top sporting events at one of the world's leading venues, the Shanghai World Equestrian Championship Stadium, presents Planar's commitment to the sports market.

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