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AV Technology for Sky Zone Trampoline Parks

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AV Technology for Sky Zone Trampoline Parks
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AV Technology for Sky Zone Trampoline Parks

As the latest venture of Strike Bowling Bars, Sky Zone has jumped into business and begun opening its trampoline parks around the country.

Boasting hundreds of connected trampolines that form one giant trampoline, Sky Zone quite literally, flies in the face of traditional fitness and entertainment venues.

The Requirement 
With such a unique offering and very specific venue requirements, Sky Zone enlisted the Saltec Group to create a specialized audio−visual solution enabling the use of multiple video screens and music throughout the Trampoline Park.

The Challenge 
The challenge? To install a reliable system that allowed for the delivery of a multifaceted entertainment experience for Sky Zone customers. The solution? Kramer Electronics.

The Solution
Based on the successful use of Kramer products throughout the Strike Bowling Bars, Saltec once again worked with Kramer to design a dedicated AV solution centered around the Kramer VS−3232DN Frame Matrix.

The Project Details
The VS−3232DN is a high−performance matrix switcher chassis for DVI & HDMI signals that allowed Sky Zone to link over 20 different sources to any one of their displays around the venue.

The Sky Zone AV solution also incorporated Kramer DGKAT and HDMI Input and Output cards in addition to different Kramer cables and VGA equipment.

Kramer Australia is proud to have worked with the Saltec Group and Sky Zone to help bring such an innovative and unique experience to fruition.

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