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Cine Gear 2017: Zylight Adds Rayzr 7 to Expanding Distribution Network of Pro Lighting Manufacturers
Posted on Monday, May 22, 2017

LOS ANGELES – May 22, 2017 – Zylight, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative LED lighting solutions, has announced the distribution of Rayzr 7 – a new series of seven-inch LED Fresnels. Rayzr 7 is the latest in a select group of broadcast, film, and stage lighting manufacturers that Zylight distributes across North and South America. Zylight will showcase its entire product line, as well as products it distributes from other companies, at the 2017 Cine Gear Expo (Stage 15 – Booth S11), which runs June 2-3, 2017 in Hollywood, CA.

The Rayzr 7 series includes four different models, the 300 (300W) and 200 (200W) daylight and 300B (150W tungsten or daylight) and 200BM (100W tungsten or daylight) bi-color models. Compact and lightweight, all Rayzr 7 lights offer spot/flood focus, integrated DMX control, AC/DC power options, and approximately 50,000 hours of runtime.

“We’re proud to add Rayzr 7 to our growing lineup of innovative manufacturers. We want to deliver innovation to our customer, whether we make it ourselves or distribute it for others,” explained Joe Arnao, president of Zylight. “It’s all about putting the best tools in the hands of lighting professionals. We are excited to show off all the great products we distribute at Cine Gear, as well as some new Zylight products we’ll be debuting at the show.”

Last spring, Zylight established its first distribution agreement with Aladdin, which offers its BI-FLEX flexible LCD panels and ultraportable lights. Since then, the company has added LDDE theatrical and rear projection lighting instruments, NanGuang’s compact LED Fresnels and soft panel lights, and FXLION’s battery and power systems exclusively throughout North and South America. The lighting and power products from other companies that Zylight distributes, as well as the company’s own LED lighting fixtures and accessories, can be reviewed at, which was recently updated to reflect the company’s expanding business.

Zylight has also partnered with Chimera Lighting to manufacture and distribute Active Diffusion, Zylight’s patented electronically controlled diffusion filter for LED and fluorescent fixtures. Chimera is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Active Diffusion, which is built into a flexible LCD screen and instantly produces different levels of diffusion.

ABOUT ZYLIGHT LLC Founded in 2003, Zylight LLC is the leading manufacturer and distributor of intelligent LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry. Every model in its easy-to-use lighting system produces fully calibrated bright white light, while some also provide a spectrum of adjustable colors without gels. Wireless control and DMX integration, as well as AC or DC power options, are available. Plus, Zylight is also the exclusive distributor throughout North and South America for Aladdin flexible panels, Rayzr 7 high-output Fresnels, LDDE color wash systems for theater and stage, USHIO follow spots, NanGuang cost effective Fresnels, and FXLION portable power solutions. With more than 100 dealers worldwide, Zylight continues to develop and distribute innovative LED lighting solutions. Find out more at

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Date: May 25, 2017
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