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Triple Dynamic Driver Professional In-Ear Monitors

Model: MP-320

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Performance at the Next Level: <BR>When you need to hear yourself and everything else as clearly as possible on stage, in-ear monitors are the ultimate solution. MP Series Professional In-Ear Monitors offer the clarity and bass response you need to perform your best while being comfortable enough to wear all night.<BR><BR>Experience The Mackie Live Sound Legacy:<BR>We’ve been helping artists perform their best for decades with our renowned loudspeaker designs, and now we are bringing that signature sound straight to your ears. The precision-tuned drivers, ergonomic design, and rugged construction ensure you'll never miss a beat. When you want to hear yourself clearly on stage without all the noise that comes with it, MP Series In-Ear Monitors have got you covered.<BR><BR>MP-320:<BR>Upping the driver count to 3, the MP-320 now allows us to seperate the frequency spectrum even more with a precision 3-way crossover. By utilizing dynamic drivers, we are able to achieve excellent clarity and imaging while maintaining the excellent low frequency response of dynamic drivers.

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