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Intelligent Frame Synchronization and Conversion with Advanced Audio Processing Capability

Model: SEL-2XD1

  • Single and dual-channel versions (field license key-upgradable)
  • Video conversion (3D adaptive motion detection, 10-bit)
  • Up/down/cross
  • Aspect ratio
  • Frame rate (basic included, linear optional)
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The Selenio™ SEL-1XD1 and SEL-2XD1 modules provide single-channel and high-density dual-channel video conversion and frame synchronization for 3G/HD/SD/3D signals. These modules are ideal for any broadcast, post-production, cable or mobile facility where processing and synchronization of NTSC/PAL, SD (480i, 576i), HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p/sf) and 3D video and audio (embedded and/or discrete) signals are required.

The SEL-1XD1 and SEL-2XD1 can retime a program signal to a local station clock for the clean processing of all synchronized signals. Signal processing functions include up/down/cross/aspect ratio and basic frame rate conversion (and optional linear frame rate conversion), processing amplifier, color correction and clipping and logo generation/insertion for single- and dual-channel applications.

The unique Rules Engine capability puts custom video and audio signal management into the hands of the user so that specially modified code does not need to be uploaded. Any video and/or audio input scenario can be detected with the user determining processing required for the output.

The single- and dual-channel SEL-1XD1 and SEL-2XD1 modules offer comprehensive video and audio processing capabilities, including conversion between video formats, control over the picture, embedded audio processing and audio tracking. Full handling of the embedded audio metadata is provided, including the ability to de-embed and embed audio metadata from external sources.

The modules feature eight AES input/output ports and two 16-channel embedder/de-embedders with internal processing of 32-channels. Analog and digital audio expansion modules provide analog audio interface capability and additional AES inputs and outputs, and internal processing channels.

Back modules can accommodate a dual-fiber input SFP and two dual-fiber output SFPs.

The SEL-1XD1 and SEL-2 XD 1 modules can be controlled remotely using the standard web server element management system, CCS Navigator™ software, HTTP web server or third-party SNMP-based control applications.

For the SEL-1 XD 1 single-channel version, there is the capability to provide the output with or without OSD. For the SEL-2XD1 dual-channel version with one input signal, there is the capability to provide one output with OSD and one output without OSD. In a dual input and output configuration, the OSD may be added to one output channel.

  • Single and dual-channel versions (field license key-upgradable)
  • Video conversion (3D adaptive motion detection, 10-bit)
    • Up/down/cross
    • Aspect ratio
    • Frame rate (basic included, linear optional)
  • Intelligent video frame and audio sync with genlock support
    • Line sync, “lock to input” and time base correction modes
    • Video noise reduction (mosquito noise reduction, sharpness and texture controls)
  • Rules Engine for custom signal flow management
  • 3 Gb/s and 3D support
  • Audio embedder and de-embedder
  • Seamless Sound functionality — audio embedding on Loss of Video
  • Fast switch for clean/quiet output on hot switch at the input with no output frame freeze
  • Dolby® header adjustment
  • Fiber TX and/or RX SFP options
  • Eight AES unbalanced ports (inputs or outputs) — balanced AES supported via digital audio expansion modules; analog audio supported via analog audio expansion modules
  • 10-bit video processing
  • Passing of VANC data (closed captioning, subtitling (teletext), AFD, WSS, VI, audio metadata, SMPTE 12M-2 timecode and ABC (US) Brandnet)
  • Passing of entire teletext for SD aspect ratio conversion
  • Up to 24 frames of SD/HD video delay and 9 frames of 3G video delay
  • Ability to embed AES on output (fiber or SDI) without video source or genlock
  • Ability to embed/de-embed audio metadata
  • Video sandards operated:
    • NTSC, PAL-B, PAL-M
    • 525 and 625 (SMPTE 259M)
    • 1080i/p
    • 1080sf
    • 720p (SMPTE 274M/296M)
    • 3 Gb/s (SMPTE 424M) Level A/B 1080p
  • Loss of video modes:
    • Black
    • Freeze
  • Video processing amplifier (dual-channel version has two) with controls for:
    • Luminance gain
    • Luminance offset
    • Chrominance gain
    • Chrominance offset
    • White clip
    • Black clip
    • Hue adjustment
  • Color corrector with controls (dual-channel version has two) for:
    • RGB gain
    • RGB offset
    • RGB white slope
    • RGB black stretch
    • RGB gamma
  • Clipping with controls (dual-channel version has two) for:
    • RGB white clip
    • RGB black clip
  • Audio processing amplifier for de-embedded and external audio channels:
    • Gain
    • Swap
    • Invert
    • Delay
    • Mix (sum)
  • Built-in logo generator/inserter (single- and dual- capability), SD memory card not included (1 GB/4 GB Class 4)
  • Onscreen Display (OSD) of menu parameters
  • I-WINGS sidebar keying built-in using dual-channel version
  • Dolby® advanced audio options for encoding and decoding
  • DTS Neural Surround™ UpMix/DownMix and DTS Neural loudness control
  • Video and audio test generator
  • 16-, 20- or 24-bit audio processing
  • C, U & V bit transparency
  • Auto-detect or user-forced input video standard
  • SDI connectivity to both controller modules
  • 100BT (control) connectivity to both controller modules
  • Four GPI inputs and four GPI outputs with user programmable scripts
  • Inputs:
    • Two serial digital video/analog composite inputs
    • Two frame genlock inputs (composite or tri-level sync)
    • Eight AES ports (unbalanced); balanced and analog audio utilize expansion modules
    • DARS input (second genlock input can be used for DARS)
    • Two RS-232/422 serial ports for external metadata source
  • Optional fiber dual input (SFP separately orderable)
  • Outputs:
    • Two sets of two synchronized serial digital video outputs
    • Eight AES ports (unbalanced), balanced and analog audio utilize expansion modules
    • Two RS-232/422 serial port metadata outputs
    • Optional fiber dual output
  • Shadowed/restored parameter settings when switching video standards
  • Ethernet remote control and monitoring (thumbnails and alarms)
  • Q-SEE™ thumbnail monitoring support
  • Optional MAGELLAN remote panels for control and monitoring
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