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MPEG-2/H.264 Universal Encoder

Model: SEL-1ENC1

  • Compact, power-efficient
  • Multi-format
  • Silicon architectures
  • HD-BNC connector
  • Contribution, distribution and final emission, as well as post production and surveillance applications
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The Selenio SEL-1ENC1 module is among the most compact, power-efficient, full-featured encoders on the market today. It incorporates the latest silicon architectures to surpass the barriers inherent in previous-generation approaches.

The Selenio encoder provides compression of a single video signal— using either the MPEG-2 or H.264 standards — and compression of up to eight streams of audio supporting a variety of common algorithms, as well as the processing of associated VBI and VANC data.

Ideal for a broad range of applications — including contribution, distribution and final emission, as well as post production and surveillance — the Selenio SEL-1ENC1 encoder delivers a full complement of features in a space- and power-efficient footprint, and resets the standard for simplicity in the H.264 era.

The Selenio encoder module supports all popular video formats from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) to 1080p. Supported video and audio formats and compression standards can be upgraded in the field, providing a cost-effective expansion path for any facility.

In addition to the main compressed image, the Selenio encoder module provides a reduced-resolution compressed stream output that can be used to support mobile encoding and Picture-in-Picture requirements in IPTV deployments, or stream monitoring in network deployments.

Up to eight stereo pairs of audio can be supported, and a variety of audio compression options are available, including Dolby® AC-3 2.0 and 5.1, MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC-LC stereo and 5.1, HE–AAC stereo and 5.1, and Dolby® E. All audio can be presented to the encoder as embedded on SDI, or as separate AES inputs.

Front Module Connectivity

The SEL-1ENC1 encoder application module is interconnected with the two controller modules for SDI/ASI, 100Base-T for control and monitoring and 1000Base-T for data applications. An internal digital reference also is available from each controller.

Back Module Connectivity

The SEL-1ENC1 encoder application module offers two choices for back module external connectivity — one with HD-BNC electrical connections for input and output, and one with an SFP optical input with HD-BNC outputs. Both back modules provide AES-3 connections by utilizing HD-BNC connectors and a GPI/serial port connector.

SDI and ASI interfaces utilize a Belden-type 1505A, 1694A or 1695A cable with HD-BNC connectors, and AES-3 interfaces utilize a Belden-type 1855 cable with HD-BNC connectors. A

  • Compact, power-efficient
  • Multi-format
  • Silicon architectures
  • HD-BNC connector
  • Contribution, distribution and final emission, as well as post production and surveillance applications
  • Video input formats supported:
    • 1080p/59.94 , 1080p/50 – SMPTE 424 Level A
    • 1080i/29.97, 1080i/25 – SMPTE 292
    • 720p/59.94, 720p/50 – SMPTE 292
    • 480i/29.97 – SMPTE 259
    • 576i/25 – SMPTE 259
  • A primary SD/HD encoded stream (except with 1080p/60) and a secondary stream encoded at lower resolutions for mobile, Picture-in-Picture or monitoring are supported
    • Coding formats supported:
      • H.264 high profile @ up to L4.2 (50 Mb/s max)
      • H.264 restricted to main profile @ up to L4.2
      • H.264 restricted to baseline profile @ up to L1.3
      • MPEG-2 422 profile @ up to high level (50 Mb/s max)
      • MPEG-2 restricted to main profile @ up to high level
    • Reduced horizontal resolutions supported:
      • 1920 – 1440, 1280, 960
      • 1280 – 960, 640
      • 720 – 704, 640, 544, 528, 480, 352
    • Reduced resolutions supported:
      • CIF (352x240/288)
      • QVGA (320x240 [4:3] 320x180 [16:9])
      • SQVGA (160x120 [4:3] 160x90 [16:9])
      • M/H (416x240 [letterbox for 4:3])
      • PiP (128x96)
    • Video pre-processing supported:
      • Inverse telecine
      • Motion-compensated temporal filtering (MCTF)
      • De-blocking filter
  • Audio input:
    • Eight HD-BNC connectors on the rear connector board for audio input
    • Embedded audio from the SDI video input
  • Up to Eight audio encoder engines supported:
    • MPEG-1 Layer 2
    • Dolby® AC-3 (maximum 6 stereo supported)
    • AAC-LC (MPEG-2 and MPEG-4)
    • HE-AAC V1 (SBR) and V2 (Parametric Stereo)
    • Dolby® E
    • SMPTE 302
  • VANC processing:
    • VANC passthrough (SMPTE 2038) up to 2K words per field
    • EIA-608/708 closed captions
    • AFD
    • SCTE-104 splice-point signaling for SCTE-35 insertion
    • DVITC time code
    • OP47 teletext
    • Audio metadata
  • VBI processing:
    • EIA608 closed captions
    • WSS signaling
    • WST teletext
    • VITC timecode
    • AMOL-48 or AMOL-96
    • VPS data
  • Data input:
    • Closed captions from IP/UDP
    • SCTE-104 over IP/TCP for SCTE-35 insertion
    • GPI triggers from back module
    • Serial data from back module
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