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3G/HD/SD-capable Audio De-embedder with 8 AES/Analog Audio Outputs and Optical Receiver

Model: OP+HDX+AO

  • Inputs:
  • One video serial digital input
  • DARS input (unbalanced, balanced compatible with external baluns)
  • Fiber receiver
  • Outputs:
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The OP+HDX+AO 3G/HD/SD audio de-embedder for the 6800+ module core processing platform has up to eight AES and eight analog audio outputs with optical receiver.

The module allows for control over the video while functioning as a de-embedded audio processor for hot-switching de-embedded audio. This new module provides full audio delay, audio processing and the ability to de-embed metadata to external sources. The OP+HDX+AO is ideal for any broadcast operation where the de-embedding of audio from HD or SD video signals is required, or where HD or SD video and (embedded and/or discrete) audio signals are processed.

The OP+HDX+AO is an auto-sensing 3G/SD/HD-SDI 4-AES audio de-multiplexer and processing amplifier with one digital video input and one DARS reference input and has four processed outputs with optical receiver. The modules support de-embedding and passing of Dolby E™ metadata, and picture and sound control through integrated processing amplifiers. The basic OP+HDX+AO provides SD and HD-SDI audio de-embedding, and there is an optional upgrade to 3G HD-SDI (including dual-link). Another optional upgrade adds four AES outputs, for a total of eight.

The OP+HDX+AO can be controlled manually via card-edge controls with OSD video display or remotely using Magellan CCS Navigator™, HTTP web server or third-party SNMP-based control applications. In addition, the module is Q-SEE™-compliant, allowing for direct thumbnail monitoring when installed in a FR6822+QXFE frame.

  • Inputs:
    • One video serial digital input
    • DARS input (unbalanced, balanced compatible with external baluns)
    • Fiber receiver
  • Outputs:
    • Four serial video digital outputs
    • Eight AES outputs (unbalanced, balanced compatible with external baluns)
    • Four AES standard; eight with HDX68OPT-AES8 license option
    • Eight discrete Analog Audio outputs
    • RS-232/422 serial port metadata output
  • Operates video standards:
    • 525 and 625 (SMPTE 259M)
    • 1080i/p
    • 720p (SMPTE 274M/296M)
  • Auto-detect or user-forced input video standard
  • 10-bit video processing
  • Digital equalization (supports Belden 8281/1694A and newer, thin coaxial cables like Alcatel SD02)
  • Passes all HANC samples
  • Passes VANC with user-selectable option for VBI/ANC line-by-line video deleting
  • Up to eight frames of HD and 50 frames of SD video delay
  • Loss of video modes:
    • Pass
    • Black
    • Freeze
  • Video processing amplifier with controls for:
    • Luminance gain
    • Luminance offset
    • Chrominance gain
    • Chrominance offset
    • White clip
    • Black clip
    • Hue adjustment
  • Ability to de-embed metadata
  • Dolby® header adjustment
  • Support for fiber receiver (OP+ HDX+R versions) option via submodule on main module
  • Basic audio limiting capability:
    • User-selectable threshold for soft compression limiting
    • Adjustable compression slope
    • Adjustable attack time/rate
    • Adjustable delay time/rate
    • Noise gate level and time
  • Video and audio test generator
  • AES/Analog audio routing/advanced processing
  • Internal audio processing amplifier with gain, swap, invert, delay, mix (sum) of de-embedded audio channels
  • Bypass able sample rate conversion for external and embedded Audio
  • Data mode for passing compressed audio — apt-X®, Dolby®-E, AC-3
  • 16-, 20- or 24-bit audio processing
  • C, U and V bit transparency
  • Shadowed/restored parameter settings when switching video standards
  • Card-edge control
  • Ethernet remote control and monitoring
  • V-fade of the output audio on audio source change
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