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Family Christian Center creates immersive Sky Zone® experience with Electro-Voice
Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Family Christian Center creates immersive Sky Zone® experience with Electro-Voice

“The key to this project was finding the highest-quality, best-sounding loudspeakers at the most cost-effective price point.” notes Higher Standard CEO Gerald Wallens. “That’s why I researched Electro-Voice first. I knew the sonic quality would be there, and it was just a question of matching the right product to the application. When I ran across the ELX200-10, I knew it was a perfect match for this job. As usual, EV had the solution!”

Best known as a great-sounding portable system, the durable Electro-Voice ELX200-10 also features three mounting points for forged eyebolts, making it a perfect fit for the nonstop action in Sky Zone. A total of 14 are flown as stereo pairs, focused within the various attractions to minimize volume in common areas in between. The facility uses an easy-access Web-based IP control platform accessible by laptop, tablet or smart phone to route up to six sources across eight audio zones.

To kick the experience up another notch, Higher Standard added compact, high-power subwoofers to the mix, including two each of ELX200-18S, EKX-15S and ELX200-12S to fit under decks, in corners and other tight spaces.

Two of Dynacord’s new L Series amplifiers power the subwoofers, one L1800FD and one L1300FD, both of which feature advanced DSP and FIR-Drive to ensure optimal loudspeaker performance. Three Electro-Voice PA4150 4-channel amplifiers drive the ELX200-10 speakers.

“The church really wanted to upgrade from the basic ceiling speakers they had, and this EV and Dynacord system makes a world of difference,” notes Gerald Wallens of Higher Standard. “On weekends, they turn it into a non-alcoholic nightclub – which I call a ‘light club’ – and the kids love it. Between the different attractions, 110 intelligent lights and the immersive music from the sound system, they get an amazing experience that keeps them coming back. And for Family Christian Center, that’s the main goal.”

Model: ELX200-10
Model: ELX200-12S
Model: ELX200-18S