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School of Medicine at a Prestigious University

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School of Medicine at a Prestigious University
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Project highlights:

This elegant executive boardroom for the School of Medicine at a prominent East Coast University is being used for teleconferencing. The university board and their AV consultant selected the TAIDEN digital infrared wireless microphones as a solution to ensure intelligible audio. 

The board was experiencing a series of problems with their existing audio system - voice activated RF wireless boundary mics - including an overall difficulty to understand, and too much noise being transmitted to the far end. Using TAIDEN, the relief was immediate for 3 main reasons: the stem microphone placed close to the person’s mouth can best capture speech, the push-to-talk function limits the number of active microphones and thus the noise entering the system, the onboard loudspeaker creates a local sound field. 

With the TAIDEN solution, Media Vision was able to increase the quality of the audio both for the users in the room and for the far end. Their next teleconference was “the best it had ever sounded”.